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Train Wrecka

Train Wrecka was born and raised in the JVL area of north St. Louis, MO. At the age of five, Train started tap dancing with his uncle, Mr. Wallace Robinson, and that was the start of a very innovative entertainment career. At the age of 9, Train did multiple tap dance performances throughout the Midwest with Mr. Robinson and the St. Louis Jazz Tappers Inc. including The Fabulous Fox Theater located in St. Louis. Other Missouri cities include Cuba, Kansas City, Mexico, Jefferson City, and Mound City. Train went from a beginner in dance straight to an advanced dancer in only 2 years and then went on to become a Master's Apprentice at the age of 14.

Upon graduation from high school, Train Wrecka entered the United States Air Force to better himself mentally and physically which he managed to do very well. He earned the nickname "Phantom" from his mysterious ways, multiple personalities and ability to bounce back from any obstacle, but due to a very dangerous knee injury,Train was released from the military. Train was determined to overcome this obstacle and stepped back on stage, after knee surgery and only 7 weeks of rehabilitation, to continue performing and amazing people with his slick dance moves.

In the later months of 2001,Train began to listen to more and more music including jazz, dance, country, western, hip-hop, and r & b.Train was influenced to write his first rap in remembrance of his aunt, who past away while he was in the military, and the response that he received from his peers was overwhelming. He began writing lyrics and songs everyday, sometimes for 9 or 10 hours straight.Train was determined to express his feeling and thoughts through his lyrics, which he did and still does today.

Train is a very emotional artist, spitting lyrics about his life, family, friends, dreams, and emotions. He came up with "Train Wrecka" as an alter ego to the stage name "Phantom", this alias describes his style, state of emotion, and the amount of adrenaline he brings in the studio and on stage.Train Wrecka would like the music industry to get ready or get off the tracks, because a............A "TRAIN" IS COMING THRU!!!

Yung Dude

Real player don't stay on the bench much unless i need me some water I am very tru to what i believe. I am a smart brother thats been thru things I am yung in heart but old in soul. Check out the songs and tell me what you think and enjoy Life and Love Put that on your mama

Liberation Redux

Liberation Redux is an experimental, electronic duo from St. Louis.
In 2011, keyboardist Allyson and vocalist Philip started the band as a recording project. The songs they crafted grew into something quite worth while which led them to begin playing live shows.
Most of 2012 was spent testing out these new, experimental sounds on the local public. After experiencing a small modicum of success, the two have been recording and writing furiously to finish their first record.

Allyson, who performs on everything from the keys to iPad based synthesizers, is the very heart of the sound of Liberation Redux.
Philip, serves as a melodic voice of the soul-searching passenger in their journey to explore new, sonic territories.

Their unique, eclectic sounds stem from their collective need to stand out and be heard amongst the crowd. Allyson and Phil can often be found crafting new music for what they hope is a mind-blowing auditory experience.

This music can lift ones spirit on bad days; makes you smile and feel grateful to be alive on good ones. For Allyson and Philip this music is the very definition of liberation... from the day to day... from what you can't change about the world around you... From the sometimes fugue state of time itself. Thanks for listening and enjoy.

Nasty Rebelz

Born Carlito Doss in St Louis, Mo and then later raise all over the East Coast from New Jersey to New York, at the ages from 5 to 22. Since the age of 2, Carlito has always been in love with music. His parents played all sort of music, from jazz, blues, rock, country, heavy metal, and much more. Both Carlito's parents were raise in the south, later to move to St Louis and back in fourth from the mid west to the east coast. In later years, Carlito was place in to a Art school, so Carlito could advance more into his love and passion for music. So during the years of his education, Carlito further his studies in musical instruments; piano, bass guitar, viola, cello, violin, English horn, and percussion. Carlito start producing at the age 13. He wrote his first rap round the age of 7. So not only does Mr. Carlito produces, he also an artist, and entertainer. What’s so special about Carlito producing is the unique way of channeling the best out of any artist. His motto is, “if you have a dream, let’s dream together and I shall awake you, too make it a reality…”

Mr Booker

Donovan Lamar Booker was born on April 25th, 1988. Growing up in a slightly reserved two parent household, Donovan was not allowed to listen to the secular music that he is now becoming known for. After discovering a talent of freestyling, Donovan dove head first into the world of Hip Hop music, citing artist such as: Master P, Silkk tha Shocker, C-Murder, Tupac, Notorious B.I.G, NWA, Snoop Dogg and Bone Thugs N Harmony as his main inspirations. During middle school, Donovan would become known for his progressive rap style that infused fast rapping techniques intercharging with more lethargic flows. A friend would don him with the moniker '' Big D,'' and the name has withstood the test of time. Mr.Booker is now working on his debut album: ''The Star Is Born' will be released summer 2011,and will be relateable to beyond every perceived barrier. While looking up at the sky, the only things Mr.Booker sees is God blessing him, and the limit.......

Rashodd Tonesy

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