War Poets

War Poets

War Poets is a Minneapolis-based band that will release their debut album, Dulce et Decorum Est around November 13, 2012. Some of the best musicians and songwriters in the Midwest came together in a sole purpose to deliver socially pertinent and conscious music as well as an eclectic mix of fun rock songs and serious ballads that listeners will love and appreciate. Two well-known and award-winning producers were selected for this project: Grammy winner Kevin Bowe from Minneapolis and Stephen McKnight from Philadelphia. Seventeen new songs are on this album: 7 ballads and 10 rock songs, and they are presented as such in separate CDs or Internet downloads. Two videos – Close Enough and Will You Be There – were released in August 2012. Close Enough is dedicated to the memory of the Stonewall uprisings in NYC from June of 1969.


BEISBOL is born of the culmination of two brothers' musical journeys. After years of walking their own paths, Portland-based Ryan and Jeffery Burian have reunited armed with the experience of their personal journeys and the foundation of their own blood to create a powerful pop experience that will be guaranteed to blow you away.

"The pair make festive, fragrant tropical pop that's stacked high with the Burians' harmonizing vocals." -PORTLAND MERCURY

"The pair's rhythmic pop is decidedly more sunshiny than Portland's typical weather." -WILLAMETTE WEEKLY


Dynamic melody and spatial progression. Praetors is a psych-folk band from San Diego, Ca that focuses on rich atmosphere, lofty melodies, and intricate composition. A blend of 60s dark psych and modern indie, Praetors creates a unique sound.


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