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The Buzzhounds

The Buzz on the Hounds.
Wow, these guys must really like to party with a name like that? The Buzzhounds will be the first to tell you that the buzz is not chemical, but natural. It is all about the live experience. The give and take between a performer, and an audience on a great night. That’s the buzz…..that’s what it’s all about.
These guys are honest, old school musicians. They do it because they love it, and this creed carries over into their music. “We made an honest record”, this is how we sound. We used the best vintage gear we could find, (including the same mics and soundboard that the Beatles used at abbey road), and went right to tape with very little editing,” says their front man Jeffrey Manga
The result is raw rock and roll. Natural tempo changes and subtle nuances are captured throughout the record, giving it a dynamic, human feel. The record plays like a modern take on 90’s rock, paying tribute to Jane’s Addiction, Guns and Roses, Smashing Pumpkins, Alice and Chains, and Wolfmother, while maintaining an organic, original feel. There is an underlying element of blues and classic rock DNA as well. Each song has a different sonic theme, leaving the listener on the edge of their seat, and asking what’s next ?
“Time and Money” is a favorite of the band’s live repertoire, and for good reason. The track is a 3 minute ditty that takes you on a rocket ride of Robert Plant like vocals, and a guitar solo that sounds like a cross between Slash circa ’89, and a sidewinder missile. “Near or Far” hypnotizes with a mantra like, trance inducing bass line, reminiscent of Janes Addiction ala “Three Days”. Perhaps the most unique song on the record is a track called “On the Way”. The song culminates in one huge crescendo of majestic, stereo panned Pumpkins esq. guitars, and a stunning mid song to finale vocal performance. The deepest track on the record is “Not the Only One” an austere tale of the deceptions of love, with a throwback sound and vibe. “We are particularly proud of this tune”, says Manga. “The performance, vibe, and production all came together brilliantly within the first takes, and Mike (Tholen) really did a great job of getting a cool guitar tone with a vintage analog tape delay machine.” The hook has a notable three part harmony as well, which sits in the mix like a shine on a vintage hot rod.

The Sawyer Family

"Stoner Americana Thunder... like Slim Cessnas Auto club formed a side project that was part Black Flag part Black Sabbath.."

Drawing inspiration from the gloomy climate of the Pacific Northwest, The Sawyer Family are, at once, steeped in mythology and darkness, and eerily real. Originally formed in 2001 in Eugene, Oregon, the band has continuously evolved in the decade since, writing darker, heavier material, but still retaining the flairs of melody and harmony their fans came to expect from them. Their first release, the “Scary as Hell” EP, dropped them squarely into the roots rock scene of the Northwest. This batch of songs, along with their full length follow-up, “The Sawyer Family Album,” solidified their reputation as purveyors of swampy, creepy rock and roll and got them gigs with bands such as The Red Elvises, The KoffinKats, The Blasters, and Dick Dale. Still confined primarily to the West Coast, they continued writing, putting more and more distance between the rootsy sound of their beginnings and their new direction of melodic metal with a dark tinge of humor.

The release of their second full length album, “Why Did God Create The Sawyer Family,” brought them critical acclaim as well as a demand to venture further into the country. They began working relentlessly, setting up tours and writing the next album. Their energetic live show, along with constant new material, made almost every show different, and it wasn’t long before they were ready to record the next album, “The Burning Times.” With this release, they began to show their refined dark side.

Sometimes slow, sometimes blindingly fast, but always melodic and orchestrated, “The Burning Times” set The Sawyer Family apart from their past as a straightforward rock group. They soon sold about 2000 hard copies and countless digital downloads while independently traveling around the country, appealing to punk rock, metal, and roots rock fans alike. It was not long before they had visited nearly every state playing over 400 shows since 2009, from dive bars to festivals. As they have refined their ever evolving, sometimes unpredictable, songwriting, they’ve left a burgeoning fanbase wanting more all around the United States. The music is sometimes compared to Queens of the Stone Age, Mr. Bungle, early Metallica, and Corrosion of Conformity and, while these are all influences, there is still great variety in the songwriting with nods to fifties doo-wop, surf, and early punk rock. In many ways, their fearless songwriting and refusal to be pigeon-holed in one genre has become the Sawyer Family’s trademark and what their fans have come to expect from a show, whether they are sharing the stage with Mondo Generator or The Cherry Poppin’ Daddies one night, to The Goddamn Gallows and Joe Buck the next. The sure thing, however, is their vintage feel in today’s era of electronic music; drums, guitars, and bass.

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