The pursuit of heaviness has fueled Jason Newsted for over 30 years. As an integral component of Metallica, Flotsam and Jetsam, Voivod, Ozzy Osbourne’s touring band, and countless other fan and critical favorites, he’s among the metal world’s most fearless adventurers. Now, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee and six-time Grammy Award winner is still charting new territory—for the first time fronting his own band, the explosive power trio Newsted.

Newsted’s first shot from the bow is a four-song EP, concisely and very accurately titled Metal. Although it offers but a taste of the band’s as-yet-untitled full-length debut (due this spring), the EP is reverberating like a giant’s approaching footsteps, debuting at #1 on the iTunes metal chart. Jason explains that the title isn’t pompous chest-thumping—merely truth in advertising.


Bay area metal! What more could you ask for?



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