Sometimes the moment of clarity becomes something continual, rather than an instant. For Denver rock reggae/ska outfit, P-Nuckle, that evolution is about to be more apparent than ever. A matured sense of lucidity, coupled with the experience of a musical career spanning over a decade, has the group poised and ready for national ascent. Known for a dedicated passion for delivering messages of hope and triumph over adversity has allowed the band to cultivate an extremely loyal fanbase; one that is sure to grow with the release of the band's fourth studio album, "Stand Up and Bitch". Slotted for a release this fall, the album will give fans a direct glimpse of a full-grown set of ideals from one of Colorado's most recognized bands. With eclectic musical influences ranging from Dancehall Reggae to straight ahead punk rock, P-Nuckle has always created a memorable live experience. While their next album may be a bit more mature, don't expect any less intense of a live show. The band is ready to celebrate the journey that has created this album with a beefed up tour schedule. The national P-Nuckle family of fans, affectionately known as "Nuckleheads" will get the chance to see more of the band, then they have in the past year, and have every opportunity to be a part of the vibe of a P-Nuckle show. There are some bands that are a part of the times, and then there are some bands that create the times. Get ready for P-Nuckle!!!

Digg is developing a sound that has a wide range of appeal among fans of different ages and genres of music. Hitting the Denver music scene in June of 2012, within their first 5 shows Digg had headlined a Saturday, played a festival with the likes of The Motet and Black Uhuru, and opened for some very notable musicians including DVS featuring Mike Dillon. The initial response to Digg from music fa
ns and venues has been overwhelmingly positive and they are looking to continue this momentum into 2013. If you are a fan of solid songwriting, meaningful lyrics, and musicianship with a touch of improvisation, check out Digg. They are sure to be making a lasting impression on music fans for years to come.

Digg is a modern rock-blues band out of Denver, Colorado consisting of four experienced musicians. Will Crossland on Guitar and Vocals, Chase Gillespie on Sax, Keys, and Vocals, Aaron Sandry on Drums, and Jesse Darrow on Bass.

Robby Schechter & the Motion Detectors

Since the bands impromptu formation for an African refugee benefit concert in September 2012, Robby Schechter and the Motion Detectors have forged a name for themselves as one of Denver’s top up-and-coming musical acts. Lead by eccentric-guitar-man Robby Schechter, RSMD blends rock/soul/ funk /blues/jazz/ and world music with comedy, excitement, and a stage show that will leave the audience wondering, “What the hell do you call that?”

Comprised of five University of Denver Jazz graduates, RSMD combines top-notch musicality and artistic expression with an attitude that says, “No better time (to dance) than now!”

Since its formation, the band has released one full-length studio album, as well as numerous live recordings made available online. In Feb 2013, only 6 short months after their formation, RSMD paid homage to the organization that gave them their first gig and held their own African Community Center of Denver benefit concert at Herman’s Hideaway. RSMD has also enjoyed some press attention and received a write up from Basement Lights on- one of Denver’s premier music blogs.

RSMD is currently working on music for their second studio album to be released sometime in 2014.

G-WOK is a Denver based band founded in 2012-13ish. They bring a tasteful blend of ska, funk,reggae, and rock to the table sure to keep you asking for seconds, so eat it up! .........Steve Pohl (lead vocal, guitar) Holly Abner (vocals, percussion) Dennis Heinemann (bass) Simone Mcguiness (trumpet, vocals) Sean Fister (drums) Zack Fanning ( electronic sound enhancement, keys)

Fatty's Big Chance

Delicious pop-punk... Always bursting with minty freshness!

$5.00 - $10.00


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