Qwel and Maker

Qwel and Maker

When Qwel and Maker first discussed the possibility of collaborating on the first of the four horsemen/seasons albums neither one of them could have fully known exactly what they were unleashing on the underground hip hop world. With Makers rare and completely unprecedented production style, Qwel saw an opportunity to return to true school ripping it with the proper canvas to topple topics that the cornier, true school emcees wouldn't dare. With a much more up beat and banging approach to the songs Qwel and Maker dropped one of the greatest underground hip hop albums of all time, "The Harvest".

Rec League

Every once in a great while, God-given talent and geographical proximity combine to form a kind of perfect storm of artistic expression, a superhuman movement that shocks the world. Cubism, for example. Or the Wu-Tang Clan. After all, John Lennon and Paul McCartney are both musical geniuses, but what’s extraordinary is that they were in the same band. With George Harrison. When they were in grammar school. I mean, seriously, what are the odds on that? Well, my friend, all I can say is brace yourself, because it’s happening again. The tide is turning. The planets have aligned. So take off your haterpants, put on your gold chain, and get ready to love rap again—Rec-League is in the building.

Sponsored by Line 6 in 2008, The Genie is an avant-garde guitarist, performing artist, and looping innovator from San Francisco. Taking a DJ approach to guitar playing, he is the creator of a live-looping method called 'scratch guitar' and a unique brand of live-remixing called ‘g-mixing'. Bringing together a hybrid of genres, he utilizes unconventional live production styles and original looping techniques to create uniquely mesmerizing performances.

DJ Mr Bean

He has worked with hobo junction out of oakland ca.
done tours with one of hip hop crews he had started "slop opera" a couple of them being KRS 1 circuits. and through out bean had guest dj d for the blastmasta krs on those tours.
has his hands on some projects in the works...like sloppy seconds and beanstramental album with guest mc.s..!

From behind the boards to the stage, there’s not a spot of ground Fresh Kils’ prolific career hasn’t touched. And not just hip hop. It’s true, you’ll see Saigon and Ali Shaheed (ATCQ) grace his resume, but you’ll also find the likes of Ron Sexsmith & The Buena Vista Social Club. His prowess on the MPC has seen him share the stage with many of hip hop’s legends (Nas, De La Soul) as well as the best of the underground. With momentum & accolades growing each year, Fresh Kils’ is poised for a sound system takeover unlike any we’ve seen in a long time. You’ve been warned.



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