Dig the Kid

Dig the Kid

Dig the Kid is a high-energy, 3 piece ensemble from the San Francisco Bay Area made up of singer, songwriter and guitarist Cory Todd, drummer and songwriter Lisa Mongelli and bassist Ian Lasater. Newly formed, but hardly new to the music scene, this trio is on a mission to push the boundaries of what defines a traditional band’s "sound"– rather choosing to play in a musical sandbox free of limits or constraints. Alternative, calypso, punk, soul, grunge, pop, reggae or straight-ahead rock ‘n roll. Simply put, to hear Dig the Kid play is like hitting "shuffle" on your vast musical library.

Mongelli anchors Dig the Kid with an omnipresent booming net of Bonham like drums laced with controlled ferocity and an oh-so-delicate touch. Todd drips sugary-pop hooks over crunching guitars serenaded by his shredding vocals with an eye-opening range. And with chest-thumping, nimble precision, Lasater holds these two ends down on bass.

Things really start to get interesting when the band takes to the stage live. On any given song, Dig the Kid shuffles the deck of instruments and draws another card. Lisa may rob Cory and bang out a borderline Zep-sounding ripping guitar. Cory may grab the bass for soulful, passionate screamers that have the audience rivaling amps for volume while Ian takes over drums in familiar fashion for this almost musical ménage à trois. And it all works perfectly without missing a beat. It’s a confident musicianship and energy level rarely seen and certainly has been causing quite a buzz amongst the musical elite.

Sioux City Kid

Led by songwriter Jared Griffin, Sioux City Kid came together in 2009 and has since morphed, shifted and evolved into a commanding 7-headed beast of a band. Mixing the roots of Americana, Rock, and Delta Blues, Sioux City Kid quickly gained notoriety in San Francisco for their whiskey-fueled performances and anthemic melodies like "Little Hell" and "Wishin' Well". Within a year of the bands formation, they had won Live 105's Battle of the Bands, played Twitter's inaugural Twestival, and performed at BFD alongside such heavy hitters as Spoon, Hole and the Limousines at the Shoreline Amphitheatre. the release of their first LP, 2011's Speak of the Devil, but Softly, was greeted with a sold out evening at San Francisco's legendary Great American Music Hall. They have headlined at-capacity and packed houses at prestigious venues throughout San Francisco including The Independent, The Great American Music Hall, Cafe du Nord, and Bottom of the Hill. In 2012 the band was honored to open for Emmylou Harris. The band is headed back into the studio this winter and their next album, Minutes, Miles, Troubles & Trials, is set for release in 2013.

Giggle Party

Giggle Party was formed in Dallas, Texas and after garnering a dedicated cult following for their raucous live performances and feel-good, borderline absurdest breed of pop-punk, they have relocated to San Francisco.

Giggle Party think of themselves as a musical extension of the Lowbrow and Pop Surrealist movements; believing that making music doesn't require you to be serious.

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