Of Clocks & Clouds, Mara Connor, Violet Machine, Trio Subtonic

Of Clocks & Clouds

karl popper, the german philosopher of science, divided the world into two categories of measurable events: clocks and clouds. clocks are precise and easily measured; clouds are amorphous and epistemic, "highly irregular, disorderly, and more or less unpredictable."

Mara Connor

LA native and singer/songwriter/guitarist Mara Connor croons of city lights, nights on the open road and summer heartache. This year she has played CMJ Music Festival, opened for Christopher Owens (of Girls) on his solo tour and has performed professionally from Dublin’s Whelan’s to Los Angeles’ Viper Room.

Violet Machine

Violet Machine is a post-punk/indie four-piece. Based in NYC, they are known for guitar driven, dark soundscapes with bleak lyrics and hook driven riffs. Violet Machine radiates the feeling you have when you’re sitting home alone on a Saturday night, finishing your fourth glass of whiskey, thinking about life. Violet Machine is simultaneously to the point, yet nebulous. A hazy, ill-defined truth.

Trio Subtonic

Trio Subtonic has made their mark on the Northwest independent and jazz music scenes, crafting three albums worth of original compositions by its family members: on keys, Galen Clark; on bass, Bill Athens; and on drums, Jesse Brooke. In 2009 “Cave Dweller” received national attention for striking a balance between unique groove, catchy melody, and overall drinkability. The incorporation of jazz and brazilian traditions with non-stop funky fervor poses the question to the dance floor: is it better to stop for a moment and listen, or to have never listened at all?


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