The Morning On Fire, Milksop:Unsung, Kindred Queer

The Morning On Fire

After rapping up their newest E.P "For me, For You" The Morning On Fire is back on the circuit, excited to return to the stage as they move into their fourth year of touring and recording. Adored for their energetic and emotional performances, its hard to imagine that anyone is having more fun then them. Watching them dance across the stage, you can see the sincerity running through their veins, producing a high that isn’t replicable by any modern drug. They come across as some sort of mad-scientist/punk rock hybrids, delivering their music with force. Their energetic fusion of indie and post-rock is a treat to experience: it is like nothing you’ve heard before and everything you’ve been waiting to hear. From sweeping valleys, to monumental peaks... quiet whispers to the loudest calls, The Morning On Fire creates a unique sound-scape and invites you to break from the norm and come along for a while.


Milksop:Unsung is a quartet out of New Haven, CT. The bluegrass instrumentation will have the crowd anticipating an old time sound, but Milksop will surprise them with wild progressions, arrangements, and lyrics. They have shared the stage with Bob Log III, The Two Man Gentleman Band and others. Aside from the recordings they have online, Milksop has an extensive set of energetic compositions that seek rowdy crowds. So, do yourself a favor and check them out.

Kindred Queer

Vocal harmony, progressive acoustic guitar, drums and poetically driven melodic development characterizes this New Haven CT based trio.
kindred n. - a body of persons as a family, tribe or clan associated by origins, nature and qualities of character; those related by similar beliefs, attitudes or feelings

queer adj. - strange or odd from a conventional viewpoint; unusually different; singular; deviating from the expected or socially accepted norm



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