Sunshine Superman

Sunshine Superman

Sunshine Superman hates the fact that their music has been labled as "Jazzy Pop Rock" because that puts them in a category.
However as the mainstream music industry continues to churn out talentless idiots, independent music has grown some really big balls and inspired real artists to redifine terms like "jazzy, poppy, rocky, folky, etc..". That's were Sunshine Superman comes in.
Valentina Raffaelli (voice songwriting and piano), leads the band. Born and raised in Tuscany (Italy) she has several tours of Europe and most of North America under her belt. It's this experience level and her connection and understanding of the music on both continents that makes the music undeniably different and catchy.

Problem Solving

Wired To Fly

The band's buoyant pop melodies, heavy percussion, bouncing bass lines, and chiming guitars have their roots in singer-songwriter Adrian Morse's literate acoustic songs. A collaboration with drummer Shawn League (formerly of The Northeast), guitarist Matt Mastronardo (Dandelion Circus), and bassist Eric "Levi" Johnston (Three Legged Fox) created Wired to Fly in the spring of 2012.

The band blends diverse influences into a coherent and catchy sound, engineered from such styles as Americana, folk rock, pop, and post-punk noise.

Wired to Fly has made a demo available at New studio recordings are planned for early 2013.

$8.00 - $10.00


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