The Rebel Factory, Old Monk, Cherokee Red, Janet LaBelle, KD and The Damn Kids, Vaudrey

The Rebel Factory

The Rebel Factory are a New York based pop band.

"Mellow pop with a downtown sizzle." Time Out NY

"What a revelation! The Rebel Factory define all that is good in modern pop music." Record Hop U.K.

"Performing in front of a loose and randy festival crowd, the aphrodisiac qualities of the Factory's music cannot be overstated." Monticello Herald

Old Monk


The two founding members of Old Monk were separated by thousands of miles when they began writing their first EP. It took years of swapping answering machine recordings and exchanging lo-fi demos over the internet to complete. The successful collaboration finally convinced drummer Ian Burns to leave his native Colorado, joining guitarist Joshua Carrafa in Brooklyn. The two dubbed their project Old Monk, and began playing around Manhattan and Brooklyn's underground venues. In need of a bassist, the two then enlisted Tsugumi Takashi and Old Monk became a trio. Joshua, Ian and Tsugumi create frenzied noisy rock and roll, built on solid pop backbones and piercing hooks. Old Monk is currently living in Brooklyn.

Cherokee Red

In the winter of 2011 in the low lying valley of Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, Charles Davis and Christiana Bartolini inadvertently discovered that they were both searching for a new music project to pursue. Christiana, the lead singer, brought her laptop recording studio and a bag of various hand percussion instruments and Charles, pianist & guitarist, skillfully utilized those staple instruments and together they began combining their respective rough drafts of music. They soon formed a sound varying between "woozy dream pop," "eerie folk," and beyond. Fast forward to the spring of 2011- Charles and Christiana had numerous completed (but stripped down) songs and felt it was time to bring new perspectives into the group to help thicken and broaden their sound. In June of 2011, the stars perfectly aligned and Christiana & Charles effortlessly found three new members- Dirk Dekker (bassist/guitarist), Andrew Sgarlat (drums/guitar) and Brittany Thomas (guitar/background vox) with Andrew and Brittany contributing to the song writing process- and the group soon formed Cherokee Red. The band began playing shows in the summer of June 2011, gaining a quick following of eager fans of all ages and drawing comparisons to the likes of Jenny Lewis, Mazzy Star, Beach House, Florence and The Machine, and Fleetwood Mac. Cherokee Red will be re-releasing their self-produced, self-titled debut album via Crash Avenue PR on April 16th, 2013!

Janet LaBelle

Beguiling singer-songwriter, Janet LaBelle, recently released her ambitious sophomore album, "Blossom & Blue." LaBelle, who came of age as a musician in the New Jersey pop-punk scene, demonstrates a successful exploration of different styles, ranging from '60s bossa nova to alternative country, on this five-song EP.

LaBelle became enthralled with playing and writing music at a very early age. Starting with piano lessons at the age of 7, LaBelle discovered her love of music and her desire to experiment. Instead of following strict lessons from her piano teacher, she ventured out on her own, experimenting with new sounds and arrangements inspired by iconic artists such as the Beach Boys, Elton John, and Janis Joplin.

She later tried her hand at everything from piano to the drums, taking up a job as a school janitor, where she literally scraped and saved up enough money to buy instruments. In high school, she started the pop-punk band Avery that went on to sign with the indie label, Small Records. Touring and recording with Avery set the groundwork for her love of writing and performing with a band. Her new collection of songs, "Blossom & Blue," reflects this band mentality. "I wanted the album to sound like a band record, which was very different from the approach for my last album."

"Blossom & Blue" reveals several of her main influences. Opening track, "Losing All The Way," has a '60s girl group vibe to it, while "Heaven Can Burn" contains flourishes of Fleetwood Mac and Tom Waits with the chorus emerging like a howl, brimming with emotion. "Honey Song" goes in a different direction, with tinges of Patsy Cline and alternative country, and features a haunting melody that's impossible to get out of your head. LaBelle also explores several different moods on the record, delving deeply into the bittersweet complexities of romantic relationships.

"I feel like I'm at a time where I'm blossoming as an artist," LaBelle says. "I've always been into vintage sound and taking an organic approach to recording "Blossom & Blue" allowed me to achieve a sound that was spontaneous and energizing. I feel a rebirth from this album."

LaBelle, who currently lives in New York City, is gearing up for a series of live performances in 2012, as well as working on material for a new full-length album.

KD and The Damn Kids


cellist and songwriter Vaudrey thinks fragility is beauty, beauty is an accident, and an accident is dub delay soaked Bach shimmering on a bed of grinding analog synthesizer. Somewhere in the realm of Arthur Russell, James Blake, and the folk songs of old, Vaudrey lives in a world where machines and hand crafted wooden masterpieces are one. Intangibly placed, this post-chestral, bedroom dub folk pop, is the revival of real musicianship, studied then unthought.


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