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Richard Sherfey & All God's Children

"It’s nice to see country-rockers Richard Sherfey and All God’s Children play out more these days. After moving to town and getting into the craft beer business at Redlight Redlight, Sherfey sort of put his music career on ice. Now there are some signs of new life, the latest being a recent headlining show (Oct. 1, Will’s Pub). He’s assembled an all-star band locally by cherry-picking top talent from the remnants of the city’s once-defining American trad-rock scene, including members from Mike Dunn and the Kings of New England, Gasoline Heart and Squad Five-O. As for Sherfey himself, the guy’s still got the gospel and fire in his throat. The astonishingly convincing CCR cover they played proved that. The Sherf tells me that the increased gigging has been a result of him and the boys rediscovering the high of live performance and that there are even a couple new songs they may try and record soon. Stay tuned."
-Orlando Weekly

$10.00 - $12.00


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