Speedy Ortiz, Bo White Y Su Orquesta, Little Bull Lee

Speedy Ortiz

Since forming last year, Northampton quartet Speedy Ortiz's output has included an album and EP's worth of fuzzy, sneery lo-fi home recordings, the slack and weighty double-A side "Taylor Swift" b/w "Swim Fan," recorded by Paul Q. Kolderie (Pixies, Hole) and Justin Pizzoferrato (Dinosaur Jr., Chelsea Light Moving), and their latest 'Sports EP,' a 5-track concept slugger out on 10" vinyl (Exploding in Sound Records). Following relentless 2012 touring, including dates with Thurston Moore, Speedy Ortiz was named Best New Band in Massachusetts by alt-weekly The Boston Phoenix. "Ka-Prow" 7" forthcoming on Inflated Records this spring, and debut full-length for summer 2013.

"Resurrects the floppy-stringed guitar dissonance of old-school Boston bands like Kudgel and Swirlies, or Rob Crow from Pinback's predecessor Thingy, who forged similar anti-anthems out of the grimiest chords." - Boston Globe

Bo White Y Su Orquesta

shredded decency and mixed arts.
Bass/Vocals- BW, Drums- M. Houseman, Percussion- D. Blackburn, Baritone- B. Bagwell, Tenor- A. Thewlis.

Little Bull Lee

Little Bull Lee have traveled a long and weary path, beginning with its lone creator, Donald Doolittle in 2008. Prematurely interrupted by a 6 month hike on the Appalachian Trail, a wayward Doolittle resurfaced his project in 2010 with Blake Raynor on bass, Noah Warner on guitar and David Ulloa on drums, giving birth to a whole new monster. Loud, slow and sludgy, Little Bull Lee was the aggressive onslaught of Doolittle's experiences both on and off the trail. However, it wasn't long before LBL's leader found himself at the mercy of his personal anguish yet again. In a second dramatic attempt to face and conquer his afflictions, Doolittle cycled from the east to west coast with his brother in 2011. Upon his return, the project took on an entirely new façade. Under the same name, and in Warner's absence, Raynor, Ulloa and Doolittle gave new meaning to Little Bull Lee. Louder, darker, groovier and wet with psychedlia, they added Austin Nevels on guitar in late 2012 and finally gained the momentum to propel them full speed ahead.

As Doolittle's experiment initially served as his aural confrontation with a number of personal demons, the band's reformation prevails as a triumph against the darkness with which he struggled. Blunt, raw passion overflows when this brutal four piece takes the stage. Each performance is a chaotic journey from beginning to end. Little Bull Lee's intensity dominates their surroundings and captivates their audience with bewitching force. Waves of distortion crash at their feet as the walls around them fall victim to their massive, unrelenting sound.

With a strong sense of dedication and determination, Little Bull Lee are moving forward with incredible momentum. Undone Sun, a demo recorded by Charlotte's legendary Jesse Classen, is currently LBL's only available recording. While the band and their fans eagerly await the release of their first full-length album, The End, planned for spring 2013, the guys are wasting no time getting back into the studio. Having recently been recruited to join Shoplifter Booking's roster, the guys have a number of tour dates in the works and are eager to get on the road. In the meantime, whiskey is sipped and smoke exhaled as this rugged victor leads his pack steady into the night.

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