Case Federal and the Agents, Southside Rhythm, Sherman Hellville, Duk Tan

Case Federal and the Agents

Case Federal & The Agents is a Charlotte based Avant-Jazz quintet. Their music ranges anywhere from Folk to Jazz to Indie to Jam and all in between, with songs about loss of love, the changing seasons, self-discovery, insomniac adventures, fictional love stories, meditation, introspective decision making, the chaos theory, etc... Our shows are high energy progressive/jazz/jam performances, with a wide variety of songs featuring guitars, bass, keyboards, alto & tenor sax, and drums; all based behind an eclectic operatically trained voice to bring the stories to life.

Case Federal & The Agents is an Avant-Folk quintet based out of Charlotte, NC. The band formed in August of 2008 as a trio and just released 17 tracks on 2 new albums in August, "The Afterlife" and "Whirlwind". They are now playing out around the Charlotte area promoting the release and experimenting with new instrumentation, including Saxophone, Percussion, Melodica and Organ; as well as taking old song writing styles and reinventing them with various melody based lead and harmony vocals. The new style is one of Blues, Avant-Jazz, Folk, Punk, Progressive and Rock, but if you care to determine for yourself, you'll just have to come see it done live.
I recently released a full length album entitled "Whirlwind". It has eleven original tracks featuring a slew of local musicians, produced by Grey Revell. I also released an EP featuring a full band entitled "The Afterlife" down in Rock Hill, produced by Jeremy Davis. The band consisted of Case Federal on guitar and vocals, Aaron Gillette on lead guitar, Mitch Benson on bass and Dan Bourdeaux on Drums (also, Maggie Bourdeaux play keyboard on "Erin, Tigers & Bears"). They are currently only on sale through us at shows, so if you would like a copy then come out to one of our shows or send me a message expressing your needs/wants :) Recently we have been working with new material and new additions to the band, forming our style as a blend of jazz/indie/avant-folk known as Case Federal & the Agents. Currently our members are...
Case Federal- Guitar/Piano/Percussion/Vocals
Steve Saldute- Bass
Seth Phillips- Tenor/Alto Saxophone
Marcus Harmon- Tenor Saxophone/Vocals
Colin Ray- Drums

so come out and see us sometime soon and hear what our new noise is all about.

Southside Rhythm

7-Piece band from Charlotte, NC with a reggae-blues-rock feel.

Eddie Chapman- Lead Vocals
Wes McGarity- Guitar, Vocals
Todd Cornwell- Guitar
Joe Nichols- Bass
Seth Phillips- Sax
Danny Edwards- Drums

Sherman Hellville

punk ass blues,
oddball folk,
questionable rock,
malevolent intentions

Duk Tan

DUK TAN is the brainchild of Jeff Winfrey and Waylon Bayard.
From their humble beginings as the BIG OCEAN BAND, together along with bassist Dave McLendon, the trio has come full circle to include Tron(aka Travis Weddington for those not in the know) as a part of their improvisational project band DUK TAN. The band clearly loves performing before audiences and playing music in its most free and open form. That free form being improvisation. DUK TAN intentionally strives to make each performance different from the last, in both subject matter and musical content. They draw inspiration and influence from countless artists; Zappa, MMW, Mars Volta, Clutch, Allman Brothers, Bob Marley, Phish,.. The list stretches on forever. Sometimes dirty, sometimes funky, sometimes just trying to make you laugh, their goal is to take the audience on an auditory adventure into the cosmos....

$5.00 - $7.00


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