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Louis Logic

louis logic splashed onto the Indie Rap scene "party foul" style in 1999 with the drinker's anthem "Factotum". He spawned a laundry list of collaborations with artists like Jedi Mind Tricks, MF DOOM and Malik B of the Roots, establishing himself as a beer soaked braggadocio Rap hero. In 2003, Louis surprised audiences with the release of the highly critically acclaimed Indie Hip Hop classic Sin-A-Matic, a concept record that cemented him in listeners' minds as a standard for dark romantic comedy and shock Rap. He took a somewhat bizarre turn following his debut with 2004's The Odd Couple Alcohol/Ism, a collaborative effort with his college classmate, Jay Love, that sophomorically celebrated drinking, drugs and sex. Louis' curious trajectory and taste for musical exploration grew increasingly unpredictable on Misery Loves Comedy (2006), the album on which he officially partnered with longtime mainstay producer and underground production impresario J.J. Brown. This was his most mature record to date, showcasing a new talent for genuine singing and a more grown up application of his romantic adult humor.

Despite belief that he had stretched himself to his limit, Louis made his wildest, most mysterious move yet retreating into a monastic seclusion to study voice, piano and music theory. When he emerged, it was touting a new live Surf/Hip Hop/Balkan fusion band, Spork Kills, which he debuted with the Beaches Love US EP (2009) featuring the video that garnered his first MTV exposure, "Night of the Hip 'N Dead". Louis refused to offer an explanation for his artistic wandering, often putting himself whole heartedly into public spectacles and the espousal of philosophies which challenged the convention of the rigid Hip Hop scene. He fired off against homophobia and even dressed in drag for a special seated theater show with NYC Burlesque Cabaret starlet Lady Rizo of Moby and Yo Yo Ma fame. Fans watched with an almost confused fascination as Louis drifted further and further from the beer bravado MC they'd grown up on, becoming the first, and currently only, Rapper in the world to fluently play piano while rhyming as part of his repertoire. Some speculated he would give up on Rap music altogether to pursue a career in Indie Rock or that he might even be gay, a supposition the bombastic Rapper refused to defend against in outright defiance of the attitudes sadly common to his genre.

He continued to tour worldwide as louis logic, cultivating a theatrical live show that managed to amalgamate rapping, singing, dancing, piano playing and even stand-up comedy. After more than 10 years of experimentation and adoration as a renegade Indie Hip Hop anti-hero, Louis befriended genre bender Ceschi Ramos, whose Fake Four Inc. record company had grown to be regarded as a warm home for Hip Hop artists on the fringe. In Fake Four, Louis found a place where his experimentation would not only be accepted, but encouraged. 2011 marks the year in which Louis will finally spread his lanky, tattooed arms wide and scoop in all the breadcrumbs he has scattered along the path of his adventurous journey. Louis will reintroduce himself to a world of curious onlookers as a fully formed "One Man Variety Show" with the start of his Get To Know the New Lou campaign. A barrage of fresh content will include a new EP on Fake Four Inc. with up and coming NYC production wiz-kid Hot Sugar and a series of TV Spot style videos leading up to the music video for the EP's single. This will be the first time since 2006 that he has shared new louis logic material and more importantly, that Louis offers a frame in which to contextualize the years of experimentation listeners observed with such curious interest over the last 8 years. Louis will tour extensively throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and even South Africa in support of his reintroduction to the world. Catch the "One Man Variety Show" for yourself to see his fascinating story unfold and reach full realization before your eyes.

Dead Sea $crilla


Mikal kHill

Mikal kHill is a emcee, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, primarily known for being the founding member of the hiphop collective and live band The ThoughtCriminals. His debut solo album, "This is Not an Entrance" explores the space between hiphop, folk and industrial music without ever losing focus on densely packed rhymes, hard drums and dope melodies. Co-creator of the Browncoats Mixtape & Slytherin House Mixtape with Adam WarRock. Reader's Digest "Producer of the Year" 2011. kHing kHoopa, the Dragonborn MC.


Sean Church (AKA Sulfur) is a MC, producer, instrumentalist from Charlotte, NC.� He was born in the wilds and raised by rabid wolves.� He developed the ability to move things with his mind after ingesting water for several years that had been tainted by radioactive waste from the nearby Nuclear Power Plant.� He speaks 145 languages, plays 38 different instruments, spent several years as a mercenary and, despite being vegan, insists on eating the bodies of any humans he murders.

Tribe One

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