Dr. Cirkustien, The Carbonari, Asleep in the Weeds, Jym Chapman and the Migrant Workers, Crackers and Snackmeat

Dr. Cirkustien

Charlotte's Premiere Jazz/Polka/Reggae/Funk/Punk/Lounge/Metal Show! We are what you get when you put your entire music library on shuffle!

The Carbonari

We are the Carbonari. Our name is borrowed from a secret society of revolutionaries that took great risk in the pursuit of freedom, liberty, and equality. Like them we endeavor to be brave, compassionate, and righteous, in our music and through the development of our characters. As individuals we have each felt a calling to play music, and we hope through our works together to create something constructive and beneficial for those amongst us who love peace, truth, and justice. Thank you for taking an interest in us, and I hope that you will accompany us in our journey forward. - Adam Vaagen

Asleep in the Weeds

Made up of anywhere between 11 and 16 members, Asleep in the Weeds is a traveling spectacle with a circus like energy, taking audiences on journeys through each and every song with mesmerizing composition and musicianship. Horns, strings, flutes, guitars, and a variety of other instruments paint a thick tapestry of sound. Intricate transitions and deep grooves laden with incredible depth create passages that listeners can’t help but become enthralled in. AITW is not easy to put into a genre; it encompasses many styles but is not defined by any and quite often cannot be defined at all. Thick funk grooves give way to exhilarating segues that grab audiences and put them in the front row of a musical roller coaster. One thing is for certain; Until you see AITW live, you cannot prepare for the sheer madness and intensity they deliver.

Jym Chapman and the Migrant Workers

Americana/Roots Rock outfit from Charlotte, NC

Crackers and Snackmeat

Crackers & Snackmeat are seasoned veterans to the Charlotte music and comedy scene. Currently, they are the house band for the "Crazy Late show with Johnny Millwater". They have played with internationally touring comedian Doug Stanhope along with local and regional comedic talent such as Kerry White, Carlos Valencia, Joe Zimmerman, Tom Stover, Johnny Millwater, Jonas Garvin, and Allegra Barnett. They have carved out a solid niche with other comedy acts as well. It doesn't stop there as they have shared the stage with The LRC, Satta Tribe, Eyes of the Elders, One Big Love, Red Letter Blue, a little ugly, The Side, cul-de-sac, 20 Past 4, The Thought Criminals, Andy Wood, Case Federal & The Agents, Roots Essential, Matthew Paul Butler, The Lights Fluorescent, Wicked Jones, Tater Famine, Attila's Honey, SouthSide Punx, Dr. Cirkustein, Funky Geezer, Sherman Hellville, Rogue Planet, Run Engine, Spongecake & The Fluff Ramblers, and many others over the years.
Since their inception they have stretched the musical boundaries with pounding funk grooves, laid back blues, and hard hitting hooks. Fearless in exploring different genres, from jazz to rock to metal as they continue to grow as a musical team.

The original line-up as put together in January 2008 by the now defunct Habitual Ritual Sketch Comedy Troupe was guitarist Phil Black and bassist Jason French (formerly backups at The Perch Comedy Club), drummer Chris "SkeeZe" Slezak from a myspace bulletin, and singer/actor/improv comedian James Lee Walker II. Drummer Colin Ray (Case Federal & The Agents, Sherman Hellville) joined the band in May of 2013 to replace Chris "SkeeZe" Slezak who relocated to Austin, TX.

Crackers & Snackmeat released "Down The Road", their debut album with Milkjug Records in August 2009 and are currently working on their sophomore effort "That's What's Up!" due later this year.



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