Reds and Blue

Reds and Blue

A kaleidoscope of post-rock and psychedelic pop, the debut release from Reds and Blue is willfully unpredictable from start to finish. With an all-star lineup that includes the mesmerizing vocalist/keyboardist Ellen Bunch (formerly a member of the equally eclectic ZZZZ), bassist Pete Croke, and percussionist Areif Sless-Kitain, this cross-sampling of Chicago talent has produced an infectious and mercurial record.

Man Is Man

This new project stems from Christa Meyer, formerly of Puerto Muerto, and includes Jacob Ross (Low Skies, The Warmbloods) on guitar, Jed Robertson (Light Pollution) on bass, Ben Kulp (Miami Symphony Orchestra) on Cello and Jason Creps (Low Skies, The Glorious Vapors) on drums.

Mere Oracle

Mark Shippy & Pat Samson of Miracle Condition


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