MC Rentz

MC Rentz

The Jose Canseco of hip hop. Play dirty, blame others, and bash fools! Career will be short lived but you'll talk about it for generations to come. Know about it.


Sector 7G

Dead in the Heart, the new album from Sector 7G, is a look into the hardships of relationships gone wrong. Within that, is a search for hope and the silver lining that comes from being optimistic instead of lying down and giving up. Mike Schank (vocals), along with DJ Pseudonym (turntables) and Ecid (production) come together to bring you an album full of the light and dark sides of life, intertwined with cynicism and satire, but maintaining empathy throughout. With songs like “Shoot to Kill” and “Misery”, which blantently deal with the pain one feels knowing they will never resolve the relationship that is crumbling in front of them, to songs like “Hipster Replacement Surgery”, which is a light-hearted jab at the new generation of slackers we’ve all come to love. Songs like “Cheap Death” and “Self Help” deal with the universal feeling of trying to see the bright side in an otherwise grey world.

All in all, Dead in the Heart was made to show people that they’re not so different from one another, while at the same time bringing you some Hip Hop where the beats combined with the lyrics hopefully make you stick around for a second listen.

Dem Atlas

i started making music in highschool, 2006. around the time i was really into dance and theatre. i joined a rock band called the Argonauts, in which i was the lead vocalist, we recorded demos in our drummers basement and played at talent shows around the way.
late in high school, my art professor gave me a huge mix of various hip hop tapes ranging from nas's illmatic, to pharcyde, to kool keith. i started freestyling with friends at parties and became more interested in the culture.

Life was confusing during that time and before it, i was just beginning to learn the craft of putting words and pictures to it.


The AWTHNTKTS (AW•THN•T•KTS) have been on their grind to spread the all-out fuckery that remains so persistent in their music and live performance. Striving off the strength of ION's release of "Coordinates" in December 2011, The AWTHNTKTS are quickly becoming the face of Iowa City Hip-Hop, opening for independent artists such as Freddie Gibbs, Prof, Louis Logic, Open Mike Eagle, Black Milk, Mac Lethal, Carnage the Executioner, Ceschi Ramos, No Bird Sing, DJ Abilities, and Kristoff Krane. Each member falls into their own realm of lyrical wit & conduct with a common goal to put Iowa City back on the map for local AND touring Hip-Hop heads. In anticipation of the debut release of "Concrete Pillows" from Iowa City veteran johndope and "Drifter" from Romulan which is also scheduled to drop in 2013, The AWTHNTKTS are eager to show the world how hip hop is done in the heart of the nation. In collaboration with Iowa City's own WFKU radio and illstillsmile productions.

Baby Jane

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