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Alex Lilly and Bram Inscore have a task every time they write music together – to find the place where their psyches overlap. This territory holds some fairly hallucinogenic and esoteric ideas, but the themes explored in the music of their new duo Touché are as classic as those you would find in a sci fi love story: lust, obsession, fate, human inadequacy and the struggle for control. Debut album, "It's Fate", out May 1 2013.

"TOUCHÉ has really nice slender appendages that it uses to perform scintillating pop music that tickles and rolls all over the flesh with a blend of beats and guitar and keys that feels fresh and new, like a body emerging from a futuristic shower." - LA RECORD

Evan Voytas

Evan Voytas is an LA-based singer/multi-instrumentalist. Hailing from rural Pennsylvania, Evan grew up listening to cassettes of ‘60s and ‘70s pop. Throughout his high school years he traveled to Philadelphia to study with Acid Jazz luminaries Steve Giordano and Pat Martino. He continued his studies when he moved to New York at age 18, becoming interested in classical theory and atonalism. His interest in jazz diminished as he became more reclusive, immersing himself in various religious texts and 70’s new age paperbacks. Disappearing in New Mexico for a time, he reemerged in New York and was recruited to play lead guitar for big name pop acts, touring the world playing arenas and the television circuit.

Three years later, Voytas returned to his roots and moved to a farmhouse on a dirt road in Pennsylvania where the solitude inspired him to start recording his debut EP. His music then led him to Los Angeles, where he currently resides. With influences ranging from T. Rex to Daft Punk, Evan’s music evolved into a new sound. Reverting to a spare, minimal pop format, Voytas writes an instantly familiar tune, but frames it with a sonic landscape that simultaneously references ’70s pop and ’90s rap. Evan has played guitar in the live bands of Gonjasufi and Flying Lotus and continues to tour with his own backing band.


Captions formed as a hobby between Adam Gangi and John Figueroa during high school in 2008. They found themselves rounding up their friends to play with them at house parties and small clubs across the Ventura area. As that rotating cast of characters began to move on, some left for the marines while others moved to San Francisco (something almost poetic about that disparity) they settled on Josh Zacarias on drums and Marcus Paquini on bass. With a complete band they gave up their skateboards and focused on their music; they have released two singles so far and are currently working on a new album. They are greatly influenced by Beach House and the Strokes but the best way to describe them was coined by a mastering engineer during a recording session, as "the trippy shoegaze beach boys".

Guest DJ Set by Nite Jewel

We could call Nite Jewel a “gem,” but it would be way too damn easy. LA’s Ramona Gonzalez makes dance music with an intimate, tactile twist, dunked in a viscous mix of 80s glitter and 90s lo-fi.

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