Brought together by a mutual passion for turtles, (sidenote: their shells are the equivalent of our ribcages,) anyhoo, where was I? Ah, yes, turtle forums, workshops, souvenirs, chatrooms, viral turtle videos, turtle podcasts, turtle chocolates, yes, such a passionate bond was formed that we felt a mutual need to express our common turtlevision through the art of song. Thus, Ladylike was born. Like a fledgling little terrapin waddling his way towards water, the journey begins.

Despite the obscene unlikelihood of having done so, the four of us, traveling through space at different great and complex velocities, somehow converged together and continued to meet a couple times a week to make loud noises from several fandangled contraptions to correspond into some sort of organized form of sound over synchronized periods of time. We have captured the resulting audio of this phenomenon and present it to you on this compact disc.



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