Hooded Fang

Hooded Fang

Hooded Fang's new album, Gravez, could almost be a dispatch from a nearfuture, post-apocalyptic sci-fi fable, where society managed to make a relatively soft landing — something closer to Your Secrets Sleep With Me than Mad Max. Released May 28 on DAPS, it's the product of a city-state with local autonomy and community spirit where the
citizens are rich in culture, even if they're materially poor, huddling together for warmth and entertainment as the electricity flickers on and off.

Of course, if you subscribe to the old say that the future is already here but not evenly distributed, you might see that as the world that Hooded Fang are in now, exercising their
community spirit while hanging out in the wasteland with impromptu streetcorner boozebag singalongs and sweaty, claustrophobic basement shows.

With a stable lineup, the band has returned to the studio with increased coherence and confidence. Gravez is a logical progression from Tosta Mista’s bold step sideways, presenting a live-off-the-floor feel that’s scrappy and direct but without too many layers of gunk, finding a balance that’s like The Feelies’ version of Alien Lanes. Mixing together home recordings with the results of some time spent at Ian Gomes’ Crawford Street Recording Co., the album contains its share of sock-hop summer jams and ends with the lean, groovy “Genes”, which just might be pointing the way ahead to the next phase.

Hooded Fang will be digging Gravez across North America this summer and Europe in the fall.



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