Dope Stars Inc., The Rabid Whole, The Obscene Kiss, Illusions Fate, Radio Creeps

Dope Stars Inc.

With their debut self-produced EP “10.000 Watts Of Artificial
Pleasures” the band catched the interest of the international press and and got immediately signed with Trisol Music Group (Europe), Metropolis Records (North America), Subsound Records (Italy) and Death Watch Asia in Japan to release worldwide 3 albums and 2 Eps: “Neuromance”
(2005), “Make A Star” (2006), “Gigahearts” (2006), “Morning Star” (2009), “21st Century Slave (2009) infecting through the years an horde of loyal fans and spreading like a virus over communities and global networks.
Songs of Dope Stars Inc. also appeared 3 times on the
soundtrack of the horror movie saga of Saw II, III and IV.
The band toured intensively between 2005 and 2010 performing on stages across all Europe, Russia, Japan and the US also supporting bands like London After Midnight, Kirlian Camera, ASP, Apoptygma Berzerk, Nightwish, Deathstars, Combichrist, My Dying Bride, Ministry, Suicide
Commando and Diary of dreams among the others. The band also performed at the biggest European festivals like Mera Luna, Wave Gotik Treffen, Amphi Festival, Summer Darkness, On A Dark Winter Night, Infest UK, Metalfest, Rock the lake, RGT and Trash Fest I, II and III.

The Rabid Whole

Currently based in Toronto, ON, Canada, The Rabid Whole is a band that plays a mixture of rock, industrial, electronica, and alternative music.


llusions Fate formed on Halloween of 2006. They have performed such top venues as The Pearl Room, The Double Door, The Abbey Pub, The Beat Kitchen, The Cubby Bear, and The Rave in Milwaukee.
Illusions Fate has performed along side such national touring acts as Egypt Central, Black Box,
Genuflect, Stone Rider, and Shadowside.
"Illusions Fate is able to fuse traces of Grunge, blues, Industrial, Alt/Rock and more into a
brand of Metal the world has never heard before. The voice is haunting and powerful, the guitar is
complex but simplistic, the bass stands out as it's own, and the drums are charismatic and pounding."
"I really like the vocal style of that dying anthem song. It has a bit of a throwback to an 80's
style but with a modern feel. That is a strength for the band. You guys have some great ideas in
the songs. Others that stood out were space wanderer, stain, #'s, and angels of slaves."
-Tim King of SOiL
"'The Ghost of Maya' is an emotionally rich, strong and varied record- violent and subtle both-
where Illusions Fate explores the darker aspects of humanity..."
-Musiczine, Belgium
"This raw rock music mixed with hardcore guitar riffs had the the audience feeling the angst and
frustration off the lyrics. It was no illusion how this trio blasted this reviewer's ears..."
-Chicago's South Side on the Town

Radio Creeps

Haunting, heavy, experimental, dark, chaotic, & powerful. We have many inspirations and we use every tool necessary to bring that out in our performances and our recordings.
Started off in the late year of our lore twenty twelve. Radio Creeps was founded as an escape from our every day lives, and back to the roots of rock. With wild vocal rants and sometimes instrumental breaks with catchy keyboards, riffs, melodies, drums, and occasional experimentation with technology and sound. Going backwards and devolving from the emptiness of our new generation and filling the world once again with excitement and a new sound, bringing music back won't be easy but some one has to do it.

This project began as a need for eXpansion
using whatever tools were necessary to EXpound
the boundaries, to break the rules, to tear down
the walls, to bear witness to and communicate,
to eXcommunicate and embrace all which is life,
the chaotic visions, the landscapes and prisons,
all which binds us there; we, catapulted into the
controlled madness of fear, joys, toys and tears.

Meet The Radio Creeps: the bloody meat-puppets,
cavorting upon their strings, chains that dangle,
chains that break, musical vista's that shake and
hesitate, singing, speaking, growling, sounds/capes
that escape, as they proliferate; fulfilled, yet deprived
on the roads of Rock-N-Roll and all things adorned,
between and beneath, until their existence is marked
by a stone, by a wreath.

Come and eXperience that which is
the Radio Creeps if you have the strength,
the courage, the mind, to face the truths, the love's,
the lies that are some time's hidden within us all....
somewhere deep inside.

Stay tuned: More sounds and noises are being transmitted from none other than the one and only (((((( Radio Creeps ))))))))


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