The Royalty

The Royalty

Indie Rock and Roll band The Royalty is Nicole Boudreau, Jesus Apodaca, Daniel Marin, Will Duagherty, and Joel Quintana. The Royalty burst into the indie music scene of El Paso, TX in 2005 and has developed a strong, loyal following.

The Royalty has toured throughout the Mid-West and West Coast, and has played at Austin's SXSW. They have performed at The Viper Room, Detroit Bar, Knitting Factory, and Beauty Bar San Diego. The band released a 5 song EP in 2008 and a 10 song full length in 2010. Their music has been featured in MTV and Spike TV shows.

The Royalty are currently recording a new album at Clap of Thunder in El Paso, TX.

The Latenight Callers

"Ladies and Gentlemen, we are The Latenight Callers...and we're much obliged..."

The Latenight Callers assembled themselves in a seedy basement in Lawrence, KS, around a card table strewn with liquor bottles, cigarettes, and shared tales of strange and debaucherous encounters....

The band soon moved their base of operations to a seedy basement in Kansas City, MO, turned up their amps, their synths, their bullhorns, and refined their dark, dancy tales for execution in front of the public at large...

The Latenight Callers were subsequently referred to as "Patsy Cline singing for Portishead", "Sexy Lounge Rock", "Noir-a-Go-Go" after their live shows swayed, swaggered, and charmed their audiences into their back-seats...

Kansas City knows the grit and allure of the Noir world through it's own history, and The Latenight Callers write a new chapter in that crime-novel that is the lust, the murder, the open road of The Cold, Cold Heart of America...

The Silver Maggies

The Silver Maggies are currently supporting their first full length
release "My Pale Horse" on Money Wolf Music records. They are a Kansas
City based group that combines high desert noir, gothic country and
Midwestern roots Americana. At times they also evoke a broad
landscape of other styles and influences. The band is fronted by
lead singer/songwriters - Patrick Deveny and Terrence Moore (American
Catastrophe, The Black Water). Founding members include Felix Dukes on
electric guitar, Jonathan Knecht on drums and Steve Tubbert (Zoom) on
bass. Terrence joined The Silver Maggies in 2010 after performing
with them that year at the Murder Ballad Ball. He brought several
original songs to add to the repertoire and splits singing and
songwriting duties. This spring the band is excited to add the
musical powerhouse known as Amy Farrand (American Catastrophe,
Atlantic Fadeout, EIO) on vocals and additional instrumentation as
well as Samon Rajabnik on B3 organ. Both artists performed on "My
Pale Horse" and joined the band for a raucous set at the 2012 Murder
Ballad Ball in Kansas City.
The album was recorded over the last year by Chris Cosgrove at
Black Lodge, Cosgrove Audio, WaveLab and Element Recording. Mixing
was done in Tuscon, AZ at WaveLab by veteran producer/engineer Craig
Schumacher (Calexico, Neko Case, DeVotchKa and many others). While
not a theme album, both Terrence and Patrick provided several songs
based on a lonesome cowboy killer who encounters love, loss, regret
and the devil himself in his search for redemption through misguided
deeds..."My Pale Horse" Will be released on March 28th 2013.



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