If ever a band could boast having a complex genealogical tree, that band is Brownout. The eight-piece, Latin funk ensemble based in Austin, Texas, is both offspring and germinating seed to Grammy-nominated Grupo Fantasma. The latter in turn traces its roots to when Austin based Blue Noise Band and The Blimp, from booming border town of Laredo, Texas, converged in its conception.

Brownout may well be Grupo Fantasma's psychedelic Latin funk little brother, an offshoot of the collective that regularly backs Prince, its latest incarnation, or even its alter ego. What they are not is the sprawling conjunto's side project. Brownout has taken Grupo Fantasma's funk roots and blown them up. In the process they've taken on a life and developed a unique sound all their own. Aguilas and Cobras, the group's new album on Six Degrees Records (9/15/09), stands as testament to their one of a kind evolution.

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Heavy Latin Funky Shit. Afro-Colombian Funk. Cumbia. Salsa Dura. Psych. Funk Soul. Disco. Post-punk. Dub. Early '80s Electro. Boogie. Slept-on Rap.

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