Kady Z, The Strange Kind, The California Sons

Music has always been a huge part of KADY Z’s life. As the daughter of prominent singer and actress Pia Zadora, KADY Z began performing at the age of 3 onstage with her mother, developing her connection with audiences. That sense of belonging soon grew into an unstoppable dream. Realizing that music was her true calling, she dove in head -first and never looked back.

KADY Z draws inspiration from purveyors of originality and feminine power like electro-pop goddess Robyn and pop icon Gwen Stefani. “They are both so innovative and fresh, paying attention to every detail and aiming for perfection. I think that’s what makes someone great. They are about the music — the music is always first. And that is what separates them from the rest.”

Her debut album, ONE MILLION PIECES was co-written and produced by ToneDef (Green Day, Santana, Chris Isaak). ToneDef set out to help KADY Z realize her musical vision: as she puts it, “unique dance music with a soul.”

The Strange Kind

The Strange Kind's Xolie Morra has been described as a cross between Chrissy Hynde and Lindsey Buckingham. Her unique ability to manipulate her voice in any direction has helped her develop a sound all her own, incorporating instrumentation devised purely from the power of the human voice. As a band, The Strange Kind adds onto that dynamic range and creates a very unique sound, blending classic rock sass and honest modern melodic style. But it isn’t just the sound that gets attention, it’s the message. Xolie is a unique artist because she has something not many artists have. Like James Durban from American Idol, Xolie has Asperger’s Syndrome and uses the unique abilities aforded to “Aspies” to stand out as a musical savant spreading the message of Autism Awareness.

The California Sons

Take a heavy dose of Americana, add a shot or two of Whiskey, and you have the The California Sons, a fast-rising quartet from the Bay Area.

With two guitars, bass and drums, The California Sons began as an acoustic, bluegrass-influenced duet comprised of acclaimed singer/songwriter/recording artist Erik Olsen,
and a legend-in-his-own-mind Eric Schultz. Several years later, drummer Eric Getter and bassist Nate Pease came on board. Schultz says, "each person in the band comes from a different musical realm, which gives the group a unique mix. The group sings three and four part harmonies, and trades off lead vocals too.

So, we've kind of taken all our influences and put them together. It's what we lovingly call bluegrass-folk-rock-americana with a shot of whiskey."

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