Radiation City, Cuckoo Chaos, Steffaloo

Radiation City

From the power duo who brought you (and continue to bring you) Soap Collectors and Spesus Christ comes a new destination called Radiation City. Warmly caressed guitar and and whirling Wurlitzer will wrap around you like a tune from yesteryear, when tubes were in amps and televisions, not just online. There's something aged that warbles about from Radiation City that will take you away on nostalgia wiser than your years while thoughtfully reminiscing in something you've yet to hear. Mellowed harmonies and fading keys pressed between pages of staccato'd heartbeat-drums guarantee yet another calmly addicting set of sounds from these fantastic cats.

Cuckoo Chaos

On the fringes of the southwesternmost corner of culture and smart in these United States, Cuckoo Chaos is the Richard Nixon of disco dancing. Cuckoo Chaos is the Henry Ford of Dada. Cuckoo Chaos is the John The Baptist of cunnilingus. The Pontius Pilot of lamb skin condoms. Cuckoo Chaos is a nice, firm ass in the palm of your hands. Cuckoo Chaos is a tarred and feathered Hugh Hefner screaming at something… you know what I mean. Cuckoo Chaos is not milk. Cuckoo Chaos is the rusty trombone you’ve always wanted. Cuckoo Chaos is the Rasputin of children’s birthday parties and the Richard Simmons of carpet bombing. Cuckoo Chaos is the Nobel Peace Prize of bukkake.


"Recording as Steffaloo, Los Angeles native Steph Thompson has in a very short time captivated indie music fans with releases in two distinct styles. Her 2011 self-released debut, Meet Me In Montauk, and her 2012 Mush full-length, Would You Stay, surround the beauty that bursts from her songs with acoustic guitar, ukulele, piano, simple percussion and lots of white noise. The feel is intimate bedroom pop, as if the songs are her way of finding the courage to stop her heart from swallowing her whole. Praise has been swift to come her way, with performances at SXSW, CMJ, FMLY Fest, glowing reviews, notice in the Los Angeles Times, and her very own Daytrotter Session. In addition to Steffaloo's stripped-down solo material, she has teamed up with a number of acclaimed electronic producers as a guest on their albums. Her work with Blackbird Blackbird, Sun Glitters, Teen Daze, Chrome Sparks and others has been featured in important outlets including The Fader and introduced a whole new fanbase to her work. Whether releasing emotional solo meditations or collaborating with cutting-edge electronic producers, Steffaloo is set to become an artist of note." -mush records-

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