Leroy Justice

Above The Weather is the next level for Leroy Justice, and a potential career breakthrough for the New York City quintet with roots in the Wyoming Valley (Scranton/Wilkes Barre) region of Pennsylvania. Here is a multi–hued portrait of a band that reaches back to the American musical bedrock – and the best qualities of the American character – to create contemporary rock music that may question our troubled present but also points to the better world that may yet be possible.


My father was a big influence on my life and when it came to music he had such diverse taste. I was a 45 fiend growing up in the 70s and when I first discovered Rap music in the 80s I was captivated. The culture, the message, the lyrics, the art, the story-telling.

I was in a few bands before myself, Sharkey, and Mr. Kyte founded The Crownsayers in 1996. We signed w/ Elektra Records in 99 and worked w/ producers Mario Caldato, Jr and Mickey Petralia. We loved the record but the label thought it too diverse. After many months of deliberation we were dropped from Elektra in December of 2000.

After a few months of reflection and solitude Sharkey, myself, and Steve Cooper embarked on a new journey founding a band called, The Spark. We worked tirelessly to create a unique sound that had pop elements but a raw hip-hop edge. Our live shows were a direct reflection of the passion each of us shared for the music and the dream.

Our run ended when Clive Davis decided to pass on our project the same day President Bush declared war on Iraq. Life goes on and so does music....just approach it in a different way now.

Ben Guernsey

Benjamin Guernsey has been playing guitar since he was eleven years old. He started off learning eighties glamour rock guitar riffs and grew to learn the finger picking styles of Elizabeth Cotton, and John Frusciante. The Americana influenced guitar playing and the sound of Ben's smoky voice take you to a small Irish pub on a gray misty day. At seventeen he began singing and has not turned back since. His simplistic and honest song writing abilities developed from listening to artists such as Lucinda Williams, Blaine Fielding , and Shane MacGowan.

Originally, Ben is from Garrett Park, Maryland. Tom Guernsey, his dad, grew up in the Washington D.C. area playing music for most of his life. Together they wrote the majority of songs on Ben's album, Everybody Knows, and recoreded in Tom's in-house studio. The album features many well know artists from the Washington, D.C. and Maryland area. Ben Guernsey currently resides in
Seattle, Washington & plays with the band "Tugboat Country" & Acordion down at the pike street market.



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