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Formed in Los Angeles by Jordan Corso, and Zachary Miller, Cotillon draws inspiration from a combination of 90s garage and French New Wave themes of fleeting love, lust, and longing.

Produced by Chet "JR" White - formerly of the San Francisco darling's GIRLS - and recorded between LA and San Francisco, the upcoming LP BLUE MELODIE couples Cotillon’s snide lyricism and penchant for power-pop with JR’s talent for long forgotten - and sometimes experimental - production techniques we’ve come to expect of the GIRLS producer.

After spending the better part of a month holed up in JR’s Mission District apartment in San Francisco working for days on end to hone their songs, they re-emerged to track the first half of the album at Los Angeles’ historic East West Studio 3 with the second half recorded at San Francisco Hyde Street's Studio A.

JR dipped deep into his rolodex calling on former members of his band GIRLS, as well as The Modern Lovers, and King Tuff for the finishing embellishments that will make BLUE MELODIE more than worth the wait. (Release date TBA)

The Dead Ships

First as a duo and now as a three-piece, the Dead Ships have been busting eardrums and busting up the blues for more than two years now. Their debut album of garage-rock, “Electric Ahab,” sounded like a mission statement — press the accelerator all the way to the floor and don’t let up — and since then singer-guitarist Devlin McCluskey, drummer Christopher Spindelilus and bassist Alex Moore have covered Levon Helm and played so many live gigs they’re almost part of Eastside clubs’ furniture. Their new single “Golden Room” is a faint nod to the Echo Park saloon the Gold Room. “I wish I could write a song about the issues facing a gentrifying neighborhood,” McCluskey tells PureVolume, where the song premiered, “but they just provide window dressing for our faux-bohemian debauchery and that’s essentially what ‘Golden Room’ is trying to evoke.” The song will appear on a split 7-inch (with Wake Up Lucid’s “Let It Roll”) as part of the series Near Mess Records is doing. - Kevin Bronson, Buzzbands.LA

“I recommend it”- Henry Rollins, KCRW
“Minimal and elusive”- August Brown, LA Times
“[M]usic for people who see all too well in the dark”- Chris Ziegler, LA Weekly
“Totally ruling L.A. noir”- Aaron Aldorisio, Amoeba Music
VUM began in 2008 as the songwriting duo Jennifer Pearl and Christopher Badger working in and out of the Secret Lodge in Topanga Canyon, CA. Partners in crime, and co-conspirators for this new throbbing noir heartbeat, the two tread a deceptively minimalist path. Their debut EP “Strange Attractor” manages to be the desert, the tropics, and “the streets” all at once. In 2011, VUM released their first full-length album, Night Sun, on Secret Lodge Recordings. Night Sun lead the listener further into the jungle-choked latitudes of distant locales and explored the dark side of psychic war, whilst becoming a favorite of the underground blogosphere and a staple on Henry Rollins KCRW radio show.
 VUM now includes live drummer/percussionist, Scott Spaulding, who makes his first appearance on their 2012 seven inch single release- Laura Palmer/Are You Animal? (Secret Lodge Recordings). These two tracks show a shift deeper into the darkwave/ pop-noir spectrum of VUM’s aesthetic. Laura Palmer was hailed as a song that “will forever be cemented into your mind as a song that you loved deeply" by bloggers, a “pop culture fav” by USA Today, and is in constant rotation on L.A.’s college radio KXLU and in Rollins’ Saturday night KCRW set.
 VUM is now in the studio preparing for their highly anticipated 2nd full-length release.

Cobalt Cranes

Of the emergent local bands that dare tread music’s slippery, precipitous slopes, Cobalt Cranes are one of the few fit to be Sherpas for the rock and roll world. --LA Record

Adult Books

Immigre DJs

Immigré is a female DJ duo based in Los Angeles. After meeting in 2010, they connected instantly over their innate love of music, style, and international culture. The two were born abroad and are from families that immigrated to the USA in the 1990's. Val Fleury hails from West Africa and grew up on the East Coast, while JSMN was born and raised in the Middle East, and has spent the latter half of her life on the West Coast. They teamed up in summer 2012 to manifest their passions and experiences on the turntables. Immigré is quickly garnering a reputation as dynamic DJs, finding cutting-edge and exciting ways to openly mix music: indie rock, nu- disco, trap, electro pop, house & more. Their first MiniMix debuted summer 2013 and is available on Soundcloud.

Immigré has performed at clubs, bars, fashion events, and festivals, notably a BET Awards pre-party hosted by Angela Simmons, as well as events for Dangerbird Records, Wasteland Clothing, KXLU Radio, Capitol Music Group, School Night hosted by KCRW, The Roosevelt Hotel, and more. They are currently resident DJs for LA CANVAS Magazine, The LASH in DTLA, and The Short Stop in Echo Park.


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