The Magnolias, The Vicious Lips

The Magnolias

The Magnolias, a tried and true name in American hard rock, earned this status via loud, brash shows on expansive tours of the U.S. in the 1980s and 90s. Fronted by singer/guitarist, songwriter and co-founding member John Freeman, the band solidified its reputation as one of Minneapolis' most formidable musical acts by delivering from-the-gut, yet melodic, hook-laden tunes across seven albums for the Twin/Tone and Alias, SMA and Veto record labels

-Steve Sharp

The Vicious Lips

The Vicious Lips are a garage rock, punk indie band from Minneapolis, MN Featuring Peter Church, Sunny Reum, Tom Novak and Jeronimo Vega.
The Vicious Lips
Are a brand new Minneapolis band comprised of former members of Punkeke and the Aliens, Remission, The Droids and Speedboat Girls. The Vicious Lips are best described as a mid tempo, guitar punk band with melodic singing and pop hooks.

The History
Peter Church and Tom Novak knew each other from Peter's brief stint as the bass player for The Speedboat Girls, which was a Minneapolis band featuring Tom and his wife Elizabeth with Eric Fleming. The Vicious Lips started in May of 2012, after the Speedboat Girls disbanded, and Tom Novak and Pete Church got together in Tom's basement with a handful of ideas for songs.
Soon after Tom pulled in Sunny Ruem. Sunny and Tom worked together in a Machine shop, and spent a lot of work hours talking about music. With the addition of Sunny, the band's sound started to take shape and the ideas for songs that Tom and Pete began with started to become real songs.
After settling on the sound of having 2 guitars it became clear that The Vicious Lips needed a 4th member. Craigslist ads were posted and auditions were held and Pete, Sunny and Tom found Jeronimo. With the addition of Jeronimo the line up was complete, and The Vicious Lips began honing their set for dates booked in Minneapolis clubs. And as they say the "rest is history."

Rodeo Night

Cut the glitz and glitter and bring in the beer drenched rock.



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