Christine Curry

Christine Curry

Christine is an artist and muralist from Colorado. She has A BFA from the Metropolitan State college of Denver. Her artwork is shown through out the Denver and surrounding ares.

Front Street Blues Band

As its name suggests, this band plays traditional blues music. Tom Davis is
the lead guitar player and lead vocalist. Jim Hebb plays bass and shares in
vocals. Tom Curry is the drummer. Clint Morehouse lays down the piano and
organ sound and Don Prelesnik adds that old school harmonica. Drawn together
by their affection for and attachment to this style of American composition,
Front Street Blues Band plays sets comprised of tunes written or performed
by a number of popular artists as well as some that have been written by
band members.

As the song list demonstrates, the band plays not only the tunes that
withstand the test of time but also contemporary melodies. This musical
approach, with its quick turnarounds, extended solos and human narrative
presented in a blues style, inevitably reaches the very soul of the


$6.00 - $10.00


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