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Karl Blau

Born and raised in the sheltered Skagit Valley of the NW, touring the world singing and playing music for people seemed like such a dr-dr-dream for a such a sh-shy b-b-b-boy. As of this past year 2011, Blau has played his 1000th show out in the world, recorded 100's of hours of music, and toured his nearly 40 solo albums all over the world.

Baby Copperhead

New York City-based performer and composer, Baby Copperhead (a.k.a. Benjamin B. Lee), was transplanted as a youth from Europe to Chapel Hill, North Carolina, where he grew up playing cello, guitar and later banjo. After playing the banjo for several years he went on to study with banjo wizard, Tony Trischka, who was one of Bela Fleck's mentors. Baby Copperhead's fascination with electronics such as circuit bending, synthesizers, and samplers added an electro-sonic component to his dissonant banjo compositions and people have compared Baby Copperhead's music to the Silver Apples, and early David Bowie with nods to synth-pioneers Wendy Carlos, and Isao Tomita, banjo hero Gus Cannon, new wave innovators Devo, free-jazz pioneer Ornette Coleman, and composers Erik Satie, Dimitri Shostakovich, and Morton Feldman. Baby Copperhead has worked with Eugene Chadbourne, Balts Nill (Stiller Has), Dead Brothers, Brent Arnold (Modest Mouse/Sleater-Kinney/Built to Spill), Chris Taylor(Grizzly Bear), Emily Manzo (Christy& Emily), Anthony Johnson(STOMP and Bonnie Pink), Mike Pride (Anthony Braxton/MDC), and shared the stage with T.V. on the Radio, Grizzly Bear, Christy & Emily, Karl Blau, William Parker, Stumblebum Brass Band and many other fantastic musicians.

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