The members of RED -- vocalist Michael Barnes, bassist Randy Armstrong, guitarist Anthony Armstrong and drummer Joe Rickard -- have lived the storms, and need you to believe you can come out the other side while listening to the tracks that make up the band's new project "Release The Panic."

The duality infused in all of "Release The Panic"'s songs -- be it musical or lyrical, from the title track all the way through -- is absolutely intentional.

"Every song on this record is two-sided," Randy says. "'Damage' is a great example, talking about how 'all I do is damage,' yet our character is determined by how we repair that damage.

We As Human

Southbound Fearing

When Embers Ignite

When Embers Ignite started in the late summer of 2010, when Bobby DeRosa (Bass & Vox), Mike Nager (Drums & Vox), and Mike DeProspo (Lead Guitar), who had previously jammed on covers sporadically, decided to venture into original music. Driven by a fierce passion to do something different, they found inspiration in bands like Saosin, Emery, Story of the Year, and Anberlin, all of whom delicately balance mainstream rock and post-hardcore influences. Within a matter of weeks, the founding members had written three songs, recorded an instrumental demo, and began to seek their missing pieces.

After an exhaustive search that spanned the better part of a year, the band welcomed Tawni Lee (Lead Vox) and Josh Kennon (Guitar & Vox) to the fold in the summer of 2011, spurring a creative outpouring and propelling the band forward immeasurably. By the fall, the band had written nine songs and held its debut show at the Recher Theatre in Towson, MD, just prior to Christmas.

When Embers Ignite independently produced and recorded a three-song demo in the fall of 2011. They released its driving first track, "The Onset (Paritur Pax Bello)," to a wonderful reception from fans, friends, and local industry personalities. All three tracks can be streamed free at the band's website,, while copies of the CD are available at live events.

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