Trapeze VI : ELECTRO-CASBAH! Feat. Sidecar Tommy (Beats Antique), Delachaux, The Klown

Sidecar Tommy

TOMMY CAPPEL, AKA SIDECAR TOMMY is beatmaker, drummer, and co-producer of electro-gypsy trio known as BEATS ANTIQUE…Drawing from many genres of live and electronic music, SIDECAR TOMMY creates music that brings the dirtier beats to the forefront. Using his 27 years of experience as a drummer (bands include Yard Dogs Road Show, Extra Action Marching Band, Eenormus Sidecar, Crash Worship, Breakfast, Mark Growden’s Electric Pinata) fusing with state of the art production tools, the original score is vast, raw, and properly sculpted for sound systems big or small, culminating in a collage of music that hits hard with original beats…


Spiced rum, tarantula hawks, psychic petraglyphs, dialated discos, carbonated cabarets, preposterous pageantry, thriving boho bonanzas of bongos, beat hucksters, rave nymphs, burlesque stars, porn carneys, klown kitties, lazer berries, crack muppets, hipsters, slicksters, bleeps, blips, and Black Rock commandos, cheetah-flavored orgy dust and hot sonic saternalia, Weimar Berlin hallucinogens, glitchy mambo, torch-lit tweekeasy, sub-atomic go-go, electro-swing steamcrunk. Entrer dans le monde de Delachaux...

The Klown

The Klown represents the next step in red-nose (r)evolution for one Boenobo the Klown and his band of merry musical pranksters. And that amounts to a scalable act equal parts music and micro-circus, taking one of three forms depending on the nature of a given event, budget, etc., and sharing the same original glitch / electro / electronic rock musical stylings across all three.





$10.00 - $15.00

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Deep beneath the burning sands of Monarch’s mystic alcázar lies an oasis of seductive decibels and undulating desires that slay silent film bedhouins and bass-bouncing breezies alike. The west coast’s celebrated gold standard for electro-swing/steam-crunk bangers bellies up once again with a bright and shiny new battery of blue chip burlesque and high voltage burlectro. Equal parts Weimar cabaret and wild speakeasy rave, Trapeze lures of bevy of underworld flappers, vamps, vipers, and villains to a bass-fueled night of jazz age abandon. TRAPEZE is an intoxicating ritual of kidnapping exotic sounds from the haunted islands of vintage musique and blasting them from big bass canons into the circus skies of the forbidden future. Hosted by Emma Nation. 'Trapeze feels like Betty Boop threw an acid party' - SFWeekly 'The costumes alone are worth the cover' -

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