Old Stock

Old Stock

Alex Cunningham fronts Old Stock but he’s the first to say it’s always been a collaboration, all 4 members bring equal amounts of sleeve soaked post rock tension and fervor. Moving between edgy sonic pop and a stripped down backbeat groove, songs from their 3rd album “One Weekend” have a sense of purpose, the lyrics wrapped in tight dynamics that spin authentic hard working arrangements from little more than a single word or a bass drum. The usual suspects may inform the songs core, booze, fears, love; but always ending with that upbeat resolve to get the people up and out of their seats.

Dave, Iain, David and Alex have played in almost every kind of venue, whether it’s writing new songs at their base on the Oakland Riviera or festival stages far away Old Stock testifies to the love of hard times made fine by crafting great songs from collective inspiration.

Secret Suspenders

It began in the streets of Seattle and continues in the halls of San Francisco. The Secret Suspenders were formed from the grunge and indie influence of the past and now play to the offbeat future of shoe gazer alt-rock.

We Will Be Lions

We Will Be Lions formed in January of 2012 in San Francisco California. The band was an offshoot of a longtime collaboration between Josh Martin (piano, voice, guitar) and Marcus Bowers (guitar, voice). The two wrote songs and toured extensively through the western United States and eventually decided to formed a band that mirrored the sounds of the musicians they idolized such as David Bowie, Prince, and The Velvet Underground. Add to the mix Alex Hersler, longtime drummer of the theatrical Chicago rhythm outfit "Boomshaka." Alex fused the group together with his rhythm and purebred enthusiasm for performance. Once bassist Hunter Wiley was also added to the mix, bringing a keen ear for melody and a final creative burst to the project, We Will Be Lions got underway. We Will Be Lions' music would not be out of place in an art gallery in New York in the mid-70's, a dance hall in Seattle in the mid-90's, or a martini bar on Mars in 2053. It also wouldn't be out of place right here, right now. Combining lyrically driven songs with body shaking beats and melodies, We Will be Lions will take you to your inner sexy, groovy, epic paradise.


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