Cru The Dynamic

Cru The Dynamic

Born and raised in and around New York City, Steve Bryant was exposed to a wide variety of music at a very young age by his parents, who are both avid music lovers. They encouraged him to develop his own tastes, and Steve quickly built a large collection of hip-hop cassette tapes. In high school, he fell in love with jazz & soul, which became a passion and lifelong pursuance. While studying jazz in college, steve was given the nickname Cru Jones, due to his love of the movie Rad. It was also here in college that young Cru was introduced to music production and started making beats on his friend's Roland MC-303. Although trained in jazz performance, Steve's production and playing styles are now more deeply rooted in hip-hop & drum&bass. In addition to releasing and performing music as a solo artist, Steve is also the drummer for many notable acts including electronic beatsmith Eliot Lipp, Michna & Raw Paw (ghostly international), legendary New York hip-hop group Dujeous, the jazz/electronica collective Boomclique, and indie-tronica phenom Little Star Dweller. He was also the drummer and one of the creative forces behind rock/electronica crossover band Benzos, releasing two critically acclaimed albums before disbanding in 2008.
Stay tuned for new tunes & shows in 2012!

Ronald Reagan, Lady Thatcher, and the looming shadow of thermonuclear war may be well behind us, but shimmering, bedroom-poster guitar pop is forever. Hints’ music is the sound of sun-kissed Americans from Texas, Georgia, California, and Massachusetts raised properly on the soggy greys of eighties UK. Hints are Garrett Morin, Collin Lewis, Wyeth Hansen, and James Ellis.

"Hailing from the indie mecca of Brooklyn, Hints sound like the Smiths' well-produced grandson… they have their sound nailed down, they're plenty catchy, and most of all, they're fun." – All Things Go

Hints are primed and ready to release a batch of new tracks produced by madman visionary Ayad Al Adhamy (of Team Spirit, Passion Pit) and mixed by Andrew Maury (RAC, Ra Ra Riot, Panama Wedding), responsible for Hints’ previous Vol I, Vol II, and Vol III.

Hints are Garrett Morin, Collin Lewis, Wyeth Hansen, and James Ellis.

We Can't Enjoy Ourselves

There once was a band in New York called We Can't Enjoy Ourselves. They were young, energetic, and happy; one day they abandoned their matronly motown shuffle for the sake of a younger genre; they loved, but they were not loved. Their lives ended in disaster.



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