Godforbid & Jeremy Page from That Handsome Devil

That Handsome Devil

Take a ride with That Handsome Devil to the other side of town: a neighborhood where Charles Bukowski hung his hat at a juke joint; where the bartender knew Hunter Thompson's single malt of choice and kept plenty in stock. This is the place where That Handsome Devil's front man/songwriter Godforbid calls home, where Jeremy Page (producer/songwriter) bangs on a bullet-riddled piano, its beaten keys howling from a smoky corner. Their cracked-out, whiskey-cabaret punk jazz, echoing Outkast, Gogol Bordello and early Tom Waits, is the soundtrack to this bizarre scene.

Formed in late 2004, the inspiration for this Brooklyn-based group was the lack of meaningful music that makes it into the realm of pop. THD's solution is what Godfobid calls "Fringe Pop." And for the past half-decade, That Handsome Devil has received scores of positive reviews, being praised as "profoundly entertaining", "bizarre in a beautiful way" and "a madcap musical frenzy as dizzying as it is dazzling". THD has increased their national visibility with placement of the track "Mexico" in the Showtime network hit, Weeds, as well as the playable bonus tracks "Elephant Bones" in Guitar Hero II and "Rob the Prez-O-Dent" in Rock Band 2.

Julia Haltigan

Julia Haltigan grew up in New York City off the Bowery in the 1980s. As an only child born into a musically inclined family, Julia learned to use her voice to attract attention. Her songs have an antique, Americana-pop feel. Her lyrics create a collage of imagery that relates heartache, yearning and lust, to motorcycles, fake tattoos and viruses. At times her powerful, sultry voice booms above her six-piece band while at other times she showcases her soft and sexy side melting your heart. Julia's music arouses nostalgia for the classics, evoking the likes of Tom Waits, Nancy Sinatra, and Betty Boop. She puts you out like a Lucky cigarette in an ice cream cone.

Her self-released, self-titled second album was released in May 2009. The album is a refreshing addition to the current music scene, combining old-time music influences with Julia's own whimsical style. With weeping guitar lines reminiscent of Lee Hazelwood, drum lines like a heel-toe shuffle and a bass like a tugboat, the album blends the blues, old-time country and Americana classics with modern arrangements. Her new record is due to be released in March 2011.

Julia Haltigan has shared the stage with artists such as Dixie Fried (featuring Norah Jones), The Defibulators, Nicole Atkins, Steel Train, Freddie Stevenson and The Woes, at various venues such as Joe's Pub, BAM Cafe, The Living Room, Maxwell's, Rockwood Music Hall, Union Pool, South Paw, Union Hall, The National Underground, Pianos, The Knitting Factory, Rodeo Bar, Banjo Jim's, The Coney Island Side Show, Spike Hill, The Basement (Nashville) and Mimi's (New Orleans)

Kendra Morris

One might never expect such a rich and mighty voice to emerge from Kendra Morris' petite frame. Her potency as a singer and performer grew from a childhood immersed in music, travelling with her family to perform gospel in the prison ministries and asylums in St. Petersburg, Florida. Kendra moved to New York City in 2003, making music inside a tiny closet with only a guitar and 8 track recorder, always keeping it simple- an aesthetic that continues to shape her sound. The southern influence of the soul and humidity in her voice adds a raw energy that one would attribute to a generation long lost to the internet and digital media.
Morris' voice is a courier to a world where oral storytelling is the only means for passing on lifes lessons, humor, and drama. After releasing two self-produced EP's she teamed up with seasoned producer Jeremy Page ( The Cars, Ed OG, That Handsome Devil) to work on her self titled EP. The collaboration has produced a collage of tracks that echo the music and experiences of her childhood. Kendra's real strength lies in combining mysticism and the strange emotions invoked by the human spirit.



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