Kill Betty

Kill Betty

Kill Betty is a Baltimore MD based hard rock band that has quickly gained the respect and support of radio personalities, concert promoters, and booking agents with their live shows and sound recordings. Check out Kill Betty's new release "...more tattoo's ...more whiskey" a 5 song EP available for delivery as a physical CD on, featured on Xbox Live for gameplay streaming and digital download, I-tunes, Spotify, Rhapsody, Rdio, emusic, Deezer, Simfy, Muve music, iheart radio, Nokia, vervlife, googleplay, amazonmp3, and pandora radio!

Ashes to Embers

Baltimore band Ashes To Embers draws from vast influences across the band to bring hard hitting rock with real emotion to a genre in need of something genuine. This band is said to be "Brutally heavy and beautifully melodic" referencing the range in their music, which can rise and fall sharply like a reflection of these changing times we live in. They bring everything to life when they take their sound to the stage. From grinding riffs to heartfelt melodies these songs are built from a life force that thrives within the brotherhood within this band. With the release of their new EP "I Will Not Go Quietly (Part 1)" this band, who has been rocking Baltimore for 6 years, declares that it still has a lot to say.

10 Blade

10 BLADE is made up of 5 individuals with a belief and desire to rock hard. This high energy, fierce, in your face band from Maryland, is prepared to bring their hard hitting style to the forefront and shake your very foundation. You will find that they are all the rock that you'll need for years to come.
“For those about to rock, We recruit you!!!”



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