APN_Music, We Get Live Entertainment and Herman's Hideaway present "Step Up and Get Live" the search for Denver's top performance MC! Starting April 14th, Denver's talent will start squaring off, with a $4000 cash grand prize!

Rules for entry:

This is a contest for an MC fronted performance group. The winner will be able to stage a show that competes at the national level. You are encouraged (but not required) to include live DJs and other musical performers as part of your set.

You must have at least 2 songs to perform in the preliminary round. You must have 5 songs ready for semifinals, and 8 should you make it to the final.

Winner each night will be determined by three factors:
1.) Your draw at the door
2.) Crowd response as measured by DB meter
3.) Judge's panel: including sponsors, special guests and someone from APN_Music.

For registration, sponsorship and general information contact:

Albeez 4 Sheez

As an artist out of Aurora Colorado, Albeez 4 Sheez has set the standard for artist after to keep the party hype with his upbeat tempos and fast flows Albeez 4 Sheez is able to captivate you with a soothing melody or use his powerful storytelling skills to make u want more of his music.

S. Youngin

From St. Louis, MO but currently in Denver, CO. He has been battle rapping for 8 years and rapping competitively for 9 months.

Alex Chadwick

Hip Hop isn’t dead, it’s just underground. The long awaited mixtape by Alex Chadwick is a perfect example of what happens when a talented hip hop artist with a passion for music records 18 of the most memorable tracks to ever be released by an independent artist . IJustWannaRap is Chadwick’s first highly publicized recording since his debut as part of the 3rd Brillyance rap group signed under Rawkus Records in 2007 under the “Rawkus 50” campaign.
Alex Chadwick (who goes by his first and middle name) was born in Baton Rouge , Louisiana in 1983 where he grew up on artists like Master P, The Hot Boys, UGK, Eightball & MJG, just to name a few. Although being influenced by this kind of rap, listeners would describe his sound as east coast, underground or backpack. He started rapping at the tender age of 9 when he and his friends rhymed over beats played on drum sets made of buckets. His musical talent is evident in his mastery of his lyrical abilities, the bass guitar and piano.

The group 3rd Brillyance was formed in Germany in 2006 by members Alex Chadwick and Madd Astronoma. The producer/MC duo met through a mutual friend and after low expectations of each others’ music, was blown away on the first listen and instantly knew they needed to work together. This chemistry is part of what made their music so significant. After combining their styles and making music for nearly a year, a competition revealed by Rawkus Records caught 3rd Brillyances’ attention. In February 2007 Rawkus announced the “Rawkus 50” competition where 50 independent rap artists would be chosen to release an album on Rawkus and given the opportunity to take their career from rapping on the corner to being supported by one of Hip Hops most trusted brands. 3rd Brillyance was one of the selected and their debut album “Grass Roots” was released in 2007 and they embarked on an international tour which included stops in Japan and Germany.

Although music is in his heart, Chadwick chose to pursue a career in the U.S Air Force and is currently serving our country in the Middle East. Despite his currently deployment, Alex Chadwick’s solo mixtape project “IJustWannaRap” was released under 3rd Brylliance Music Group on November 4th, 2011. Hip Hop lovers can download the free mixtape by visiting and can follow 3rd Brillyance on Twitter @3rdbrillyance.

City Staccz

C. Staccz is artist/producer/writer for Clutch Time Productions based in Denver, Colorado. Born and raised in the Montbello area, he got into music at a very young age. Staccz grew up playing the drums in church, took piano lessons, and even taught himself how to play the bass/electric guitar. In 2002, he heard an instrumental for the first time, and decided to pick up a pen and pad and try out his lyrics to the beat. At that point, it was just for fun. Later on that year Staccz, and a few friends from school, started freestlying and even battling. He had his first performance, in 8th grade, at his middle school for all grades, and even put on a show for the parents after school. By high school, Staccz was recording songs (under the alias Renegade) featuring other local artists. As of now, he's a writer still trying to work with other local artists to get his name out a little more. Staccz has done shows all around the Colorado area such as Hodi's (Ft. Collins), The Gothic Theatre, (Englewood), The Roxy (Denver), and the Tivoli (Located on the Auraria Campus). He is on a mission to make music for his fans and keep his music in your iPod or cd player. Please show your support for Staccz by "Liking" his artist page on Facebook:



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