SERIS ~ Farewell Show (The Penguin and Pineapple's Last Dance)

Seris - a Denver-based math-metal quartet with ambitions far exceeding the Denver local.

Drummer Robert Jepsen (ex-Downtied) first teamed-up with guitarist Scott Beckman (ex-Saoshyant), and began formulating the musical concepts of an odd-time and rhythm-based project in early 2009. Bassist Cody Goodman, then-bassist of Congress of the Crow, joined the two as a dynamic addition to the initial incarnation, and the trio spent several months fine-tuning their sound while patiently awaiting the perfect front man. That "front man", to the trio's surprise, came in the form of a charismatic and versatile front woman. Vocalist Melati Olivia, known in the local scene for her performances with Choke the Word, became the last piece to the puzzle, and the voice to bridge the gap between an uncompromising, poly-metric brutality and a beautiful-yet-powerful accessibility. The result of this combination is a modern style of metal whose musicality and technicality blend seamlessly into a focused and emotionally-provocative sound. Avid lovers of Tool, Meshuggah and early Mudvayne alike have a new band to which they can pledge their unwavering allegiance.

Ambitious right out of the gate - recording their first demo at Colorado's most premiere recording studio, the Blasting Room (Rise Against, The Flobots, and Tickle Me Pink) and coupled with playing their first shows at Denver's elite theaters, Seris will no doubt garner positive local attention, and will use Denver as a jumping board to the national level.

Stay tuned. They're gonna be big!

The Denver-based quartet Yerkish forges their music from an amalgamation of technical proficiency, transcendent emotion, and piquant lyrics. At live shows, they perform this brand of mind-altering rock and roll against a backdrop of thematic imagery to enthrall audiences.

Codec is a band that makes music that is at once dangerous and beautiful, that channels the future through the past to compress and make sense of life and death. Their work deciphers the immense data of our uncertain existence and presents it on a soul level.

Down The Rabbit Hole

Down The Rabbit Hole. Some ask "What is it?" or "Who is it?" Down The Rabbit Hole is a band with a message. Life's teachings, if you will. Down The Rabbit Hole came about as the downfall of "Adam's Ruin" (KBPI's Best Band In Denver 06') was taking place. Roger had a plan. The plan was to create a band, but a band unlike any other "local" band. A band, that by itself, would turn heads, and ask questions. With all that in mind it was time to search for the right members for the group. First came Maxx. An incredible young man with a passion for music. His drumming is extremely clean, quick, and to the point. He came from the band "The Decaying Process", one of the most credible death metal bands in Colorado. He shares Roger's vision of music. So brutal, yet so comforting. He is the perfect drummer for DTRH. Then came Talon, also young, but lightyears ahead of his time when it comes to guitar. His riffs mixed with Maxx's beats, topped off with Roger's unique vocal style makes up what Down The Rabbit Hole is all about. He also came from the band "The Decaying Process" Then it came time to find a bassist, and Tommy stepped in and filled those shoes. Tommy comes to DTRH from one of the top hardcore bands that Colorado has ever witnessed, Come Forth By Day. So with everyone extremely experienced in the music "scene" it was decided. DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE was born! And here we are! Prepare yourselves, this is going to be one of the most epic things you have ever seen live. Come with us, on a journey, Down The Rabbit Hole.


$5.00 - $80.00


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