The Hoot Hoots

Seattle power pop quartet The Hoot Hoots are irresistible party starters. Their songs are powered by fuzzy guitars, fuzzier keyboards, and headhum-inducing hooks, and all these combine in a glorious, slightly insane energy in both their live shows and in their nearest EP, Feel the Cosmos.

Lead vocalist/guitarist Adam Prairie grew up with his brother/drummer Chris in the middle of Midwestern corn fields in Clifton, IL. The two played whiffle ball and Nintendo, watched the original Star Wars trilogy obsessively, and learned to play guitars, drums, and Casio keyboards in the bedroom they shared for most of their formative years.

Since then they've rounded out their sound with bassist Geoff Brown and keyboardist Christina Ellis, and they've released two albums, and their latest EP Feel the Cosmos was named Seattle Metropolitan Magazine's album of the month. Seattle radio station KEXP named the lead track Go For A Walk song of the day for Jan. 18 2012, and said, "Even now in the band’s early stages, we are seeing some seriously promising omens of success from the Hoot Hoots, and their newest release, Feel The Cosmos, is of course no exception."

They are currently working on their third studio album, which has a tentative release date of Fall 2014.

Friends and Family

"It's honest, sad, and epic but without being big or bombastic..." - Charles Mudede, The Stranger

"Like Johnny Rotten meets The Band!" - Malcolm Guite, Cambridge Scholar

"Quirky indie pop from an eight-piece band that aims for a New Pornographers or Broken Social Scene sort of thing, only goofier and with more elaborate costumes." - SW Reverb

"Friends and Family are from another Seattle, a Seattle where people read books, make jokes, and sometimes sweat from doing things other than bicycling." - Bart Cameron, Ball of Wax Audio Quarterly

"As if the weird members from eight different bands ended up in the same band." - Clinton Ring

"Really, Friends and Family is the only 9 piece band I've ever seen where I thought every part was necessary, complimentary, and lovely." - Nouela

Julia Massey and the Five Finger Discount

"Brace yourself for what has been branded as Cosmic-Folk-Rock. Julia & Co. are not afraid to get their hands dirty with a bit of experimentation and the results do not disappoint. The contrast of innocence against experience is striking. William Blake was right.... Unique vocals, timeless poetry and interesting musical structures make for a listening odyssey. All of that and the influence of Emily Dickinson to boot? We say, "hell yeah!"

~Reign Lee, Indie Mag

Wishbeard is a psychedelic dream pop machine based out of Seattle, WA. Since their inception in 2012, Wishbeard has been wowing audiences with their imminently danceable brand of heartfelt shoegaze. Drawing from a wide variety of influences anywhere from Joy Division to M83, Sleater-Kinney to Electrelane; the 4 piece has hit their stride creating warm sonic soundscapes of lush synth washes and effected guitar, punctuated by a a rhythm section aimed at getting bodies in motion. They have been steadily winning fans in the Pacific Northwest, and have shared the stage with acts such as Austra, JD Samson’s MEN, Friends and Family, Valleys, and Mary Lambert.

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