Blackbear, one of the music industries' breakthrough singer/songwriters, releases his debut EP, "Foreplay"; the first segment of four EP series, today. Formerly known as underground Indie/Acoustic artist, Mat Musto, Blackbear has quickly evolved from his acoustic style to becoming a dub step/ pop sensation. The four-song EP features a mixture of pop, indie, dub step, and urban sounds, creating a merge of musical cultures within one.

Working closely with super-producer, Mike Posner, Blackbear has had several successes outside of his singing career as a progressive songwriter. Career highs include collaborations with Grammy-award winning artists such as Ne-Yo, Rivers Cuomo from the band Weezer, Pharrell Williams, Nate Walka, Bei Maejor, Bad Boys latest artist Machine Gun Kelly, and famous comedian/rapper Donald "Childish Gambino" Glover. Recently, Blackbear and Mike Posner joined forces to co-write and produce Justin Biebers latest single, "Boyfriend", for his upcoming album "Believe".

With the overnight success of Blackbears' songwriting skills, his EP, "Foreplay", could have not come at a better time. Over the next several months, Blackbear will begin touring and releasing a series of videos. His first performance will take place on April 28th in San Diego, CA. Blackbear states, "I plan to tell a story about sex while stirring controversy amongst the music scene, using my eclectic style and out of the box mannerisms". He continues, "I hope to send a message musically that fans of all genres can relate to by discussing relevant, yet provocative subjects." "Foreplay" is set to be one of the most-anticipated EP releases for 2012.

Fallen from the frigid streets of Chicago, Nylo is a newly emerging artist thats causing a little bit of a stir. Through soulfully sparse 808's, fragile falsetto confessions, and a bit of a dirty mouth, a new genre-bending soundscape arises. Driven by the polarizing influences of rap and classical music, Nylo lands in a new space that has been described as The Weeknd meets Aaliyah. After the release of her four song EP, Memories Speak she is back in the studio finishing an exciting full length record, to finish the story she began. Let your shoulders relax, slow down... and listen to Memories Speak, as you remember the sounds of honesty.



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