Lifesavas started when two friends Vursatyl and Jumbo, the heartbeat of Lifesavas were drawn together by fate and necessity. They first met playing basketball and rippin’ freestyles in Portland, Oregon city parks. The two crossed paths working on a project with a mutual friend in the same basement studio. When their friend was murdered, the lifelong collaboration
began. A mutual respect for each other’s skills led to an explosion of building, writing, performing songs and routines with Jumbo on the decks and Vursatyl on the mic. Word spread quick and their reputation for rockin’ live led to filling the headliner slot performing incredible
sets, thereby becoming known to promoters as literally, “lifesavers.” With the addition of Rev. Shines holding down the turntables, joining Jumbo on production, the trio Lifesavas was born. Vursatyl an MC's MC, and Jumbo a Producer / MC are notable for their fierce tag-team lyricism, self-deprecating wit, storytelling and passionate wordplay. The production consists of Jumbo's chunky soulful, sometimes-quirky chopped beat arrangements that deliver a balance of ambition, depth, musicality and genre hopping eclecticism that has become the trademark. Along with Rev. Shines a decade crossing beat visionary, inspired by golden era hip-hop, Southern gospel singers, and funky Brazilians from the 1970’s. His dynamic live sets simultaneously put smiles on faces, get heads nodding and suggest feelings of an ever-present coolness. Lifesavas, the homegrown blend from Portland garnered the attention of Hip Hop
heavyweights everywhere. Chief Xcel from Blackalicious discovered Jumbo’s “pregnant drumz” production style and Vursatyl’s soulful emceeing, pounding from Jump Jump Music's stereo system, where Shines worked while digging for vinyl in Portland. Xcel eventually tracked down Lifesavas and invited the group to perform in San Francisco with Blackalicious along with other artist on their record label, Quannum Projects (Blackalicious, DJ Shadow, and Latyrx.)
Vursatyl was invited to tour and perform backup vocals for Blackalicious during their live performances. His signature style of lyricism and soulful singing he honed as a youth from singing in gospel choirs and the streets of Portland. Soon after Jumbo and Shines joined Vursatyl on tour, opening for Quannum artists Blackalicious and Latyrx that lead them to a record deal on Quannum Projects in 2003, where they released their acclaimed debut album titled “ Spirit In Stone.” Chief Xcel declared that Lifesavas are the essence of hip-hop as he compared their energy to Pete Rock and CL Smooth that attracted him to sign Lifesavas to the Quannum label.Fast-forward to today; Lifesavas continue to expand their fan base by touring the US and Europe extensively, while branding their sound through licensing music for TV, commercials and film. Blackalicious and Lifesavas are back on the road again. Recently returning from a tour on the east coast, thrilling their longtime faithful fans and new audiences preforming their signature classics, new material. They are back in the studio finishing their upcoming highly anticipatedthird album titled “iDentifi.”

Lifesavas are now heading home to celebrate their tenth anniversary since the release of their groundbreaking debut album "Spirit In Stone” on July 20, 2013 at the Portland’s own Doug Fir Lounge.

PRTLND representers, Green Team Official players, Calvin Valentine, Epp and Tope comprise the group TxE. Valentine is responsible for the sonic tapestries Tope and Epp weave stories and life philosophies over.

While Epp was born in Georgia, he has adopted Oregon as his home. Calvin Valentine moved to Portland from his hometown of Eugene in 2009. Already having a relationship with Epp from a DJ gig, he invited him over to the studio. Tope, a Portland native, had been working with Epp and the two were considering doing a collaborative record.

After one session in the lab the chemistry was undeniable and TxE was formed. Since then they’ve released three projects: Rain In Cali EP (2010), We Get It In True (2012) and Tetherball EP (2012).

TxE deliver a live show that is energy filled and exciting. They will bring the party and make sure you have a good time. The trio has opened for: Evidence, Lil Wayne, Mac Miller, Macklemore, Mos Def, Paramoure, The Pharcyde, Reel Big Fish, Trash Talk and many more. They have performed at the Rose Garden, home of the Trailblazers, and taken part in both PDX Pop Now and Music Fest NW festivals for multiple years.

Between the three members they have released eighteen projects and amassed half a million downloads since their formation. TxE are always creating and not to be missed whether they are rocking a stage near you or being featured on your favorite website with a new piece of content, watch and listen.

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