Evil Giraffes on Mars, Last Generation, Charles Mansfield, The Second Hands

Evil Giraffes on Mars

Simply put, Evil Giraffes on Mars are the best (or worst) band that you (or someone else) have ever heard (or not heard). But we are a band nonetheless, and one guy did say we were "awesome" once. Let it be known, now and forever, that his comment was completely unprovoked! We can't even imagine what he would have said had we been fishing for compliments... Regardless, we are known in small circles for our genre bending sensibilities, fueled by a deep respect for all things musical. Combining elements of jazz, rock, funk, punk, hip hop, classical, world beat, and a love of tasty sandwiches, we have created a new beast! An Evil Giraffe!! Lock your doors, hide your daughters and finish your cold cuts!

Last Generation


Charles Mansfield

Charles Mansfield's sound has been compared to the likes of Neil Young, Frank Black and The Mountain Goats. He has written songs since picking up a guitar forever ago. The past few years has seen Charles in New York constantly playing in various East Village and Brooklyn clubs. His new EP, is "Monday Morning". He is currently releasing a single a month till his new album is released. Current single is titled Ghosts, produced my Mark Garrison and Charles.

The Second Hands

The Second Hands is a folk duo comprised of songwriters Geoff Schroeder and Laura Hoch. The two met playing music in the beginning of 2009 and began writing together soon after. They recorded a collection of songs both old and new for their 2011 self-titled debut album. The songs were recorded over a three day period with engineer Pete Kennedy (The Kennedy’s) at Narrow Lane studios in Bridgehampton, NY.


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