Criminal Hygiene

Criminal Hygiene

Criminal Hygiene was formed on October 3rd, 2011 over a couple of really good burgers at Olympian Family Restaurant in South Central Los Angeles. Eat lunch there and you might start a band too, its a fucking great establishment. On that shameless day, founding member Michael Fiore took a break from his double bacon chee to share with founding member James Pratley Watson a simple idea: "Let's record some music…" to which founding member James replied: "Let's get drunk first…". The duo did those things that day, and thus, Criminal Hygiene was formed. At this time, they were in their last year at the University of Southern California, and frequently skipped class over the next 7 months to get drunk in the middle of the day to record music. They were angry, lost, and generally not giving a fuck. Since then, an angel by the name of Sean "Bird Man" Erickson has swooped down from Tacoma on the wings of his incredible mustache to join the band on drums. With the addition of Bird Man, Criminal Hygiene has become a real band, with purpose and meaning for themselves, the music world, and beyond - or at least they are still trying to figure that part out...

Moses Campbell

Moses Campbell is

Sean Solomon (guitar, vocals)
Pascal Stevenson (bass guitar)
Miles Wintner (guitar)
Pauline Lay (violin)
Andrew MacKelvie (drums)

Moses Campbell was started in 2008 by Sean. Sean and Pascal went to high school together and college together at the California Institute of the Arts. Sean met everyone else at gallery/music venues in Los Angeles. He met Miles at Tiny Creatures, Andrew at L'keg, and Pauline at Pehrspace.

Moses Campbell is a band. Moses Campbell is a family.

The Cigarette Bums

Latchkey garage punks from all over CA gather for the monster they call the Cigarette Bums. Consisting of Steven Carrera and Eamon Mcginnis, and joined by Ryan Aguilar, Jaime Ramirez, and Tim "Tenor" Greenshields, the group plays "a Dylan-meets-Daniel Johnston–meets-Replacements-meets-Beefheart smash-up that's a real pleasure to watch. The Bums play repetitious, folksy stanzas with a snot-nosed, garage-band delivery, and they throw in an occasional, speedy jazz-intoned riff for flare", as says LA Weekly. With two 7 inches, a few eps, a full length on the way, and a tenacity to strive, The Bums won't stop (even after they make it to your town).

Dirt Dress

Trio from Los Angeles started in 2007 with Noah (vox/guitar), Johnny (vox/bass/guitar), and Raymond (drums). They released an e.p. called Theme Songs on Papermade Records.

Jose (bass/guitar) filled in for Johnny in 2008.

Dirt Dress is set to release a set of 3 cassette e.p.’s on Papermade Records called Perdido En La Suciedad. The first e.p. was released on March 27th 2009. The second e.p. was released on November 2nd 2009.

Influences include: The Velvet Underground, The Fall, The Pixies, Bo Diddley, Talking Heads and a bunch of other crappy bands.

Free - Mondays in May


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