There Is No Mountain

There Is No Mountain

There Is No Mountain is a reference to a Zen koan, a lyric from a Donavan song, and an americana/psych-pop duo known for its catchy off-kilter sonic adventures. The Portland, OR-based band toured extensively around the country and released heaps of varied folk/americana material under their previous name (The Ascetic Junkies) before paring the band back down to the core duo (married couple Kali Giaritta and Matt Harmon), changing the name to There Is No Mountain and recording a new batch of musical pieces.

Although they say they don't have a particular message or agenda, anyone who hears the couple at work knows they are up to something inspiring. For some reasons you can explain, and for some you really can't, their energetic live show and subtly virtuosic arrangements keep your spirits lifted for days.

The duo sings nearly everything in harmony while Giaritta plays a medley of tom drums and percussive instruments, and Harmon animates his acoustic guitar using nimble fingers and a myriad of carefully chosen effect pedals. African rhythms, jazz harmonies, classical arrangements, theatrical melodies, and psychedelic swirls seep through the americana exterior, making their live show a total surprise to any first-timer.

Harmon and Giaritta are travelers at heart - if you can't find them in Oregon, you might check one of the other 49 states (try: music venues, national parks, yoga studios, metal concerts, or the homes of various CouchSurfing friends), abroad, or possibly in outer-space (Harmon hopes to fly in a civilian spaceship before he dies).

There Is No Mountain is a new name and a new sonic direction for a couple of people who've been playing and writing music together for almost a decade - the next chapter in the story Harmon and Giaritta started with The Ascetic Junkies. The band plans on continuing to tour nationally and releasing new material online as often as possible in 2013.

Margaret the King

The band was created by Dario in June 2011 and is from the San Francisco Bay Area. The band began practicing in a tiny shed, then later moving into a warehouse. We like to think our music is on the soulful side, with an indie twist

Dream House

Dream House are a group of friends who have been playing music together in one iteration or another for a long time. Their songs tell stories of giant sea-creatures, track-walkers, and phantoms that are interwoven with multiple part harmonies that sing deeply personal and haunting narratives. Songs braid into one another and usually feature Molly Murphy playing acoustic guitar and ukulele, Andrew Conner on electric guitar, Robert Raymond behind drums, and our their newest member Jared Padovani playing bass guitar.

All four members of Dream House met in college in the South Bay. Robert and Andrew moved into a house in San Jose and lived in the basement where they set up a ton of instruments and spent many nights playing dreamy, droney psyched out music together. It wasn't long until they re-connected with Molly, who had been writing songs on her own in Redwood City this whole time. Both Robert and Andrew were immediately struck by the beautiful imagery and spine-tingling melodies in Molly's music, and the three began collaborating and playing at open mics around San Jose. Since then Dream House has been quite active, always writing new material and adapting old songs, touring up to Seattle, and most recently, being joined by bass player Jared Padovani from San Francisco post-rock instrumental band The Cryptics.

Dream House is currently in the studio working on a three part piece named Leviathan, which they will be releasing in mid-June as an E.P. by the same name. "


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