Heather Combs

Heather Combs, a Gainesville, Florida native now living in California, is a powerhouse on stage. A little bit reckless, a little irreverent but mostly wielding an authentic heart – put her on a stage and within minutes she can turn the eye of a new batch of faithful fans. Her voice is sweet and then rough, strong and then vulnerable, but always honest and true. She plays guitar with reckless abandon and isn't afraid to show the listener who she really is. And now Combs brings us Everybody Has Their Turn, an album packed with all the passion and personality of her live shows.

In her fifteen+ year career, she has shared the stage with many fantastic musicians such as Stevie Nicks, Tom Petty, Steve Earle, Sheryl Crow, Kasey Chambers, Todd Snider, Los Lobos and the Go-Gos. Heather’s songs have been featured in hit TV shows such as ER and Grey’s Anatomy. She is fiery, funny, intense and not afraid to take risks. Having been named “Best Band in the Bay” by San Francisco Magazine twice and a part of KFOG’s Local Scene CD, Heather thrives on connecting with the audience and Everybody Has Their Turn is the perfect extension of that.

Victoria George

"Victoria George has the enviable skill of sounding effortless at everything she does, be it country, rock or breezy pop music...this North Bay native simply knows her way around a good tune." Irish Greg- KFOG

Combining the country-flavored vocals of the Dixie Chicks with the tone of Alison Krauss and the roots of Bonnie Raitt, at the end of the day Victoria George has her own sound. One where commercial appeal meets personal commitment. Building her fan base the old-fashioned way, Victoria has spent years growing a grass-roots following here in the Bay Area and beyond. In 2005 she released her first EP, Far As I'm Concerned, which was followed in 2007 by her self-titled full-length effort, Victoria George. These records, and a string of high-profile shows opening for the likes of Junior Brown, Willie Nelson and the Doobie Brothers, landed her a management deal out of Nashville. Reluctant to leave the Bay Area but excited to try her luck in Music City, Victoria moved everything in 2008, where for two-and-a-half years she polished her craft as a songwriter and performer.

With a "been there, done that, what's next" attitude, Victoria is back living in the Bay Area and promoting her new release, Lately I, recorded at Mission Bells Studio in San Francisco. This long awaited release showcases a maturity in her songwriting and a definite honing of her sound. It is simply- California meets Tennessee. "Forever", the first track off the EP was recently chosen by KFOG for their Local Scene 8 compilation.

Jeff Campbell

Jeff Campbell is a natural, and any lover of music can see that when performing, he is doing what he was born to do.

This young singer-songwriter was brought up in a musical family with constant exposure to artists and performers from the last six decades. These artists have influenced a songwriting style, a mix of raw rock and winding lyrical melodies, which continues to evolve within him through the years.

Drew Schofield

Drew Schofield was surrounded by music from his earliest years. Born to a singer/songwriter mother and a church-going, hymn-singing family, Drew developed a passion for music from his earliest years. His first instrument was drums, and he became passionate about percussion and the rhythmic elements of guitar early on.

Drew briefly pursued an undergraduate degree in percussion, and the exposure to jazz in college sparked an interest in a broader spectrum of musical influences. Drew began writing original music during his college years and performed with friends in coffee shops as he sharpened his songwriting skills. One highlight was opening a show for the acoustic duo Shane and Shane, one of his bigger musical influences at the time.

Drew moved to Denver area in 2004 with his wife Chelsea and continued to write and perform casual gigs in small settings. Drew partnered with his good friend and musical cohort Christan Fergus in 2006 to record a 5 song EP entitled "I the Page." Drew formed a band in 2008 with several friends. "Schofield," as they were called, performed Drew's original tunes around Denver for two years before disbanding. Since then, Drew has continued to perform with a rotating group of musicians.

Drew is currently wrapping up production on his first album "Away We Go," due out in the latter half of 2012. He is excited to see what opportunities await him as he devotes more focused effort to his musical career in the years to come.



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