The Treacherous French, Instar, Jacob Acosta

The Treacherous French

The Treacherous French are an eclectic rock band hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area. People always ask "what kind of music do you play?" or "what do you sound like?" We have as much trouble answering these as anyone else - after all, we're not genre-defining rock stars just yet. So embark with us on this objective journey into our sound.

We are a three piece rock band. We have two guys (Phil and Charlie) and a girl (Cara). Charlie plays guitar (electric and acoustic), harmonica, mandolin, and sings. Cara plays drums, assorted percussion, and sings. Phil plays bass (electric and upright), ukelele, and sings. The songs are catchy yet complex, while staying true to their indie, blues, country, and alt-rock roots. All three have quite varied musical histories, from punk rock to folk rock to dance rock, and this blend of styles and instrumentation is what makes The Treacherous French what it is.


Instar is an alt-pop indie rock duo out of San Francisco. Often trading lead-singer duties, Instar combines vocal-forward melodies with driving guitars, synth layers, and programmed beats to create a dark and dreamy soundscape. Instar is Kenny Aber (guitar, vocals) and Emily Stewart (keys, vocals). They are currently performing locally and working on their first EP.

Jacob Acosta

Jacob Acosta's music chronicles a journey with many paths. He has explored the depth of the human condition through song since his first project Race You There in 2008, and has followed that up with more inspiring and soulful music from Roll Acosta in 2009. With his groups he has put out the works 'Acts of Treason' (2009), 'The Dawn EP' (2010), 'Catalyst EP', (2011), 'The Dark EP' (2011) and most recently 'This Dreamt Existence' (2012) with his first producer, John Vanderslice. He has worked as an artist, performing with many other bands in his hometown of Tucson, including a guest musician spot on the 'Truth be Told' (2011) album by the Tryst . Now he embarks on his first journey back to his singer/songwriter beginnings as he tours nationally with 'Chants of Diplomacy'(2013). This astonishing performer, delivers a stunning show and a truly passionate musical approach to the human experience.

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