Shotgun Harlot

Shotgun Harlot

Approximately 50 miles north of the Golden Gate tucked away in the dimly lit confines of a former motorcycle clubhouse, you’ll find five guys creating filth, fury, and fantasy under the guise of Shotgun Harlot. Cranking out tunes that will leave you chanting choruses, humming riffs, perfecting your air guitar skills, or getting your rocks off at a live show, these guys deliver! Their sound embodies the well-crafted balance of high octane hard rock, deep-rooted appreciation for classic rock & roll, all with a southern flare. With swagger and a punk rock attitude, their sound is explosive and melodic. In the name of Rock & Roll…EVERYTHING LOUDER THAN EVERYTHING ELSE!!


Hard rock meets old school, bay area thrash. They write with melody and hooks and have a high energy stage show that always becomes a party!

Electric Funeral

This Ultimate OZZY Sabbath era band formed in 2001. Driven by his love for.Tony Iommi.. and ..Black Sabbath.., ..Electric Funeral.. was the vision of Heavy Metal guitarist Tim Graham. But the man who once met ..Ozzy.. on a sidewalk in L.A. did not guess that his efforts to recruit band members would turn up ..Skitzo.. front man, ..Lance Ozanix.., a veteran ..Ozzy.. impersonator. 2011 Bassist is Keyo from Vicious Rumors he normally shreds guitar but loves Sabbath & has mastered that Geezer tone..Electric Funeral.. hired former ..Outrage.. and ..Ashen Idol.. drummer, ..Liz Daniels.

Did you see ..Black Sabbath.. in 1979? Now you can!
The set list:....War Pigs..Paranoid..Iron Man......Electric Funeral..Children Of The Grave..Symptom Of The Universe..Sabbath Bloody Sabbath..The Wizard..Behind The Wall Of Sleep..NIB..Into The Void..Snowblind..Cornucopia..Lord Of This World..Killing Yourself To Live..After Forever..Sweet Leaf..Lord Of This World..Spiral Architect..Hand of Doom....Did we overlook your favorite ..Sabbath.. song? Just let us know!

Bringin Rock Back To Northern California.
4 guy's from Santa Rosa, CA with a new perspective on the world of ROCK and Metal!
Ben Schallert and fellow rock drummer Josh Sendejas were looking to put a Fresh new twist on rock and metal with a sonic realism that embraces the soul of what music means to them as KRAWL.
Playing 5 string Bass, Ronnie Hart brings the foundation's of KRAWL together, with a blend of high energy dynamics on his bottom end finger styling's.
Our newest addition, shoring up this Hard Driving ROCK band and solidifying his melodic guitar style's; Norm Anderson brings the finishing touches to complete the Krawl sound.
Over the past 8 years we have had the pleasure of gracing the stage with many incredible bands including 36crazyfist, Nonpoint, Drowning Pool, WASP, Egypt Central, Hostility, Metal Church, RATT, Great White and many other great local bands and musicians. And we look forward to bringin you much much more.

Darkside Shine

Northern California based rock band Darkside Shine,
formed December 22nd, 2008 by
☼ Vocalist; Karl Granneman
☼ Guitarist; Marc Houston
☼ Bassist; Joey McHugh
☼ Drummer; Rob Caro

Darkside Shine Delivers energetic, driving rhythms and gritty guitar riffs to soaring, melodic vocals, while breathing new life into the hard rock genre.

Sharing the stage with bands such as Skid Row, LA Guns, Dokken, Jetboy, Vicious Rumors, Travis Meeks of Days of the New, LCM and Miles Schon.

Darkside Shine blends the aggressive energy of Guns n' Roses and the pop sensibilities of early Def Leppard with a touch of The Black Crowes, for a unique yet familiar sound. This charismatic group creates an exciting, energetic and explosive live performance that leaves the audience wanting more.

A Great Hard Rock Experience!


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