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Dark Water Rising

The band name, Dark Water Rising, originates from the home of its members. Robeson County, known for its rich Lumbee culture, thrives from the nourishment of swamplands and rich, dark water of the Lumber River. The dark watered swamps are legendary for providing hide outs and escape routes for Lumbee outlaws during the Civil War.

Lead singer, Charly Lowry has endured the music world since she began singing at the tender age of 4. Over the years she attained local success winning various beauty pageants, talent shows, and showcases. Thereafter she had the opportunity to perform on the wildly popular show American Idol. Charly qulified as a semi-finalist among the last 32 competitors amongst millions of potential contestants in the fall of 2004.

In the summer of 2006, Charly and college friend/producer, Aaron Locklear created a small independent label, Greensky records. Lowry was able to gain local and regional success with the release of her first EP entitled, "Brownskin". After touring with her EP, Charly quickly realized she needed the full expression of a live band to release the sound from within.

Now at age of 25, Lowry and Locklear have carefully pieced together Dark Water Rising to express a sound and free spirit that embraces several genres of music including soul, blues, country, hip-hop, gospel, and rock. "Our music has never fit into any one category alone. We don't quite fit the mold of most other bands along the East Coast," explains Locklear. Reminiscent of 70's and 80's bands such as Fleetwood Mac and Heart, Dark Water Rising too stands behind a talented female lead singer.

After a stint on the road and burst of song creativity in 2008, Dark Water Rising has finally hit the studio to record their debut album. The first single released "Same Old Thing" expresses the emotional exhaustion of consistently losing a loved one to work, military leaves, etc. week in and week out. The song has a rich blend of acoustic/electric guitars; a foot stomping beat muscled by a deep bass line, and is topped off with soulful vocals.

Lyrically Dark Water Rising explores all themes of life, whether it is love, heartbreak, sacrifice, celebration, despair, or pain; all the while expressing their sentiment on the recognition of the Lumbee People. Dark Water Rising is a sincere group, not a prepackaged act, which writes and composes directly from the soul. Greensky Records invites everyone to join the movement of the Dark Water Rising.

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