Damien Jurado

Damien Jurado

Damien Jurado has been known for writing lovely, lonely acoustic guitar melodies strummed sparsely alongside his wistfully brooding croon. His latest release, Saint Bartlett, turns what you know about him on its ear. Saint Bartlett opens up with a grandiosity yet unheard on a Damien Jurado album. It strips away the many layers of paint from the house down the street where we know Jurado has occupied for the last decade. The new coat is exhilarating. It makes the whole neighborhood shine. It’s a modest grandiosity; still homegrown. The mellotron swells, heavenly handclaps ring in stereo and big drums create a sky for the songs to fly in. And the words. Words spring forth from within the volcano of Jurado, full of hope. There’s so much hope, in fact, that album opener “Cloudy Shoes” turns into a call-and-response with himself, as though it were a dialogue between two halves of himself.Secretly Canadian / Sub Pop Records.


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